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Withdrawal/Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition and fees are refundable only by processing a cancellation of enrollment or change of program application through the USC Gould Office of the Registrar and are entirely at the option of the university. Informing your instructor does not constitute withdrawal from the course. All withdrawals must be processed by Web Registration or through the USC Gould Office of the Registrar.

Students will be held financially liable for all classes that appear on the OASIS Registered Course List, Web Registration Current Course List or the Registration Confirmation form. It is a student's responsibility to officially withdraw from any class that he or she is not attending, including but not limited to: (a) classes which have been discontinued at the university's option; (b) situations in which the student never attended even the first class meeting. All withdrawals must be requested and processed by the end of the third week of classes to be eligible for refund. There is no refund for classes withdrawn from after this date. Refunds for additional charges, including but not limited to housing and meal plans, will be determined by the office assessing the charge.

In the event of a revocation of registration, 100 percent of any tuition paid for that semester will be first applied to any outstanding debt. Any remaining credit will be available for refund within six to eight weeks from the date of revocation. Students must request refund from the Cashier's Office. If a credit balance is a result of a credit card payment, the refund will be made directly to the credit card used for payment.

These policies are enforced equally for settled as well as unsettled registrations.

For more detailed information see: https://fbs.usc.edu/depts/sfs/faqs/145/item/370/withdrawal-and-refunds/

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