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Meet Our Community - Gillian Hadfield


Gillian Hadfield
Richard L. and Antoinette S. Kirtland Professor of Law and Professor of Economics

The rise of globalization, a web-based networked economy and the transition from socialism to market democracy for so many countries, has created a demand for innovation in law. My work—which combines legal and institutional analysis with economics—focuses on the problems of legal design: how can we create legal institutions and markets that do a better job of structuring and regulating the kind of economy and democracy we want? This work ranges from studies of the 9-11 Victim Compensation Fund to economic analysis of the role of judges in improving the law to the need to change the way we train and regulate lawyers. For students this means a focus on problem-based learning that teaches not just what the law 'is' but how to be a creative and innovative producer of law—to better serve clients, institutions and the public.

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