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Meet Our Community - Camille Gear Rich

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Camille Gear Rich
Associate Provost for Faculty and Student Initiatives in the Social Sciences, and Professor of Law and Sociology

USC’s commitment to academic diversity makes it a special place. No one perspective dominates here. Students have access to professors working in a wide range of disciplines, from philosophy to psychology, from economics to literary criticism. My research explores how antidiscrimination law affects the social construction of racial, ethnic, and gender identity. I also teach and write about children's First Amendment expressive interests, focusing on gender and sexual orientation issues.The open atmosphere here has allowed me to be more bold and creative in my own work, an attitude I encourage in my students as well. USC is place where students are encouraged to engage with big ideas, but it is also a small community that makes each student feel valued.This factor, more than anything else, sets us apart from our peer schools.

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