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Meet Our Community - Rebecca Brown

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Rebecca Brown
The Rader Family Trustee Chair in Law

Coming to USC, what I most wanted was a vibrant and energizing faculty and an engaged and public-spirited student body. I have been extremely pleased on both fronts. My colleagues with expertise in philosophy, history, political science and other disciplines have broadened my writing and teaching in constitutional theory.

What sets our students apart is the way they sustain a culture of engaging with the important legal and policy debates of the day. They press us to think hard about the ways that legal issues play out in the world, and they inspire us and one another to be better scholars and citizens.

In order to contribute to this lively culture, I established an annual U.S. Supreme Court Preview, for which we invite top constitutional law experts—on the left and right – to discuss the upcoming Term. This has proved to be an enriching tradition each fall for students, faculty and alumni.

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