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Meet Our Community - Emily Ryo

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Emily Ryo
Assistant Professor of Law and Sociology

I find USC to be an amazing community, both in terms of teaching and research. My students are deeply engaged, creative, and committed to helping one another learn. My colleagues are devoted to bringing their enormously rich and diverse training in law and other disciplines to address pressing legal and social issues. It is an intellectual community that is vibrant and truly supportive with new ways of learning and thinking. I came to USC after practicing law and earning a Ph.D. to get training in theory and methods. Much of my work is empirical and interdisciplinary, focused on issues related to poverty and inequality, immigration, legal compliance, and law-related attitudes, among others. USC is centrally located in a mega-metropolis that presents so many exciting opportunities for direct engagement with these issues. Being situated here has been critical in my ability to conduct my research.

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