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JLSA Charlottesville Event

Nov 7, 2017 from 12:00 PM - 1:50 PM

The rise of the Alt-Right, empowered by President Trump’s election and subsequent hiring of Alt-Right leaders, has had an alarming effect on political discourse and protests in the United States, prompting a number of constitutional and political questions. Our event plans to explore those questions, with a focus on the recent protests, clashes, and unrest in Charlottesville as a starting point for the discussion, bringing in varying viewpoints to contribute to the discussion.


Specifically, the Jewish Law Students Association hopes to develop discourse on the tension between hate speech and free speech, and how those factors come into conflict with issues related to tolerance as well, and believes it is primed to do so given the recent upswing in vitriol and anti-Semitism especially in the United States and across the globe.


Currently, the program would involve a number of speakers, including but not limited to: an expert in anti-Semitism (both from a historical and political perspective), a Holocaust survivor, and professors from the USC Law community (we have currently reached out to Professor Armour, who has agreed to discuss the nexus between anti-Semitism and other bigotry exhibited by those parties).


Given the diversity of those affected by these recent events, the Jewish Law Students Association hopes to partner with a number of diverse cultural and political organizations at USC Law, including but not limited to: The Black Law Students Association, the Latino Law Students Association, and finally, the American Constitution Society. We hope to also partner with USC Law’s administration to improve visibility towards to the event, as well as to access resources previously unavailable to us, including a greater variety of USC Law alumni as well as alumni from other disciplines across the university community, as well as to discuss the possibility of discussing the creation of an ongoing program on legal factors and tensions between tolerance, free speech, and opposing and divergent political beliefs  in contemporary American society.

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