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Certificate in Business Law (J.D.)

To obtain a Certificate in Business Law, J.D. students must complete a total of at least 24 units of courses within the Business Law Program. These 24 units must include:

  • (i) 10 Mandatory units;
  • (ii) 5 Core Elective units; and
  • (iii) 4 units earned through one or more courses listed below under Transactional Skills and Legal Clinics and Externships.

The remaining 4-5 units may be earned from courses listed under any Business Law Program course category. No more than 4 units of the Mandatory or Elective units may be taken CR/D/F. Legal Clinics, Practicums, Externships and Publications do not count against this 4-unit limit.

All courses within each course category are listed below. Note that not all courses are offered every year.

The Mandatory Courses are the foundation of any business, corporate or tax law practice. The Core Elective Courses provide a foundation for achieving more specialized knowledge within selected practice areas in business, corporate and tax law. Specialized Elective Courses consist of a mix of substantive "lecture-style" courses and transactional skills courses on narrower topics. Students may personalize course selections to achieve specialization within a selected field or to acquire broad knowledge of multiple fields of business law. The accompanying document provides sample course sequences that achieve different types of specialization.

Any questions concerning the certificate requirements may be directed to the Academic Director, Prof. Michael Chasalow.

Mandatory Courses

 Course Number Course Title Credits
 LAW-603 Business Organizations 4
 LAW-600 Taxation 4

 Select one of the following:
 LAW-530 Business Literacy 3
 LAW-632 Business for Lawyers 2

Core Elective Courses

 Course Number Course Title Credits
 LAW-614 Accounting for Lawyers 3
 LAW-647 Bankruptcy: Debtors and Creditors (Formerly: Bankruptcy Law) 3
 LAW-719 Corporate Finance 2-3
 LAW-644 Corporate Taxation 4
 LAW-658 Mergers & Acquisitions 3
 LAW-842 Partnership Taxation 3
 LAW-749 Securities Regulation 3-4

Specialized Elective Courses

A. Substantive Law Courses

 Course Number Course Title Credits
 LAW-681 Analytical Methods (Formerly: Analytical Methods for Lawyers) 3
 LAW-753 Antitrust Law 3
 LAW-641 Commercial Paper 2
 LAW-733 Business Bankruptcy (Formerly: Corporate Reorganization) 3
 LAW-827 Counseling the Startup 2
 LAW-650 Entertainment Law 2
 LAW-649 Insurance (Formerly: Insurance Law) 3
 LAW-764 International Business Transactions 3
 LAW-787 International Sales of Goods 2
 LAW-606 Land-Use Controls 3
 LAW-793 Law and Economics 3
 LAW-727 Partnerships & LLCs 2
 LAW-778 Sales 2
 LAW-642 Secured Transactions 3
 LAW-801 Venture Capital and Emerging Companies (Formerly: Venture Capital Law and Finance) 2-3

B. Transactional Skills Courses


 Course Number Course Title Credits
 LAW-618 Advanced Contracts 4
 LAW-883 Advanced Legal Writing for International Business Lawyers 2
 LAW-674 Advanced Secured Transactions Workshop 1
 LAW-822 Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause Drafting 1
 LAW-627 Business Planning (Formerly: Business Planning I: Structuring and Financing the New Enterprise) 4
 LAW-673 Deal Strategy, Structure, and Negotiation (Formerly: Business Planning II: Structure, Strategy and Negotiation) 4
 LAW-709 Contract Drafting and Negotiation 2
 LAW-710 Contract Drafting and Strategy 2
 LAW-815 Deals 3
 LAW-817 International Arbitration (Formerly: International Business Dispute Resolution) 3
 LAW-835 Transactional Due Diligence 1
 LAW-645 Transactional Practice: The Syndicated Loan Agreement 1

Real Estate

 Course Number Course Title Credits
 LAW-605 Real Estate Law and Business I (Transactions) 4
 LAW-629 Real Estate Law and Business II (Finance) 4-5
 LAW-604 Real Estate Transactions Problems 1
 LAW-604 Real Estate Finance Problems 1

Media & Technology

 Course Number Course Title Credits
 LAW-599 Digital Media Transactions: Policy & Practice 2
 LAW-770 Technology Transactions 2
 LAW-816 Dealmaking in the Entertainment Industry (Formerly: Topics in Entertainment Law: Deal Making in the Entertainment Industry) 1
 LAW-648 Topics in Entertainment Law: Legal and Business Issues in the Digital Age 2

C. Legal Clinics, Externships & Publications

 Course Number Course Title Credits
 LAW-736 Small Business Clinic I 4
 LAW-737 Small Business Clinic II 4
 LAW-783 Corporate Practicum 1
 LAW-651 Entertainment Law Practicum 1-2
 LAW-550 Business Law Advisor 1

Marshall School of Business Courses

The following courses at the Marshall School of Business may also be credited as Specialized Elective Courses. Other courses may qualify with permission of Business Law Program Academic Director.

 Course Number Course Title Credits
 FBE-532 Corporate Financial Strategy 3
 FBE-531 Corporate Financial Policy and Corporate Governance 3
 FBE-527 Entrepreneurial Finance: Financial Management for Developing Firms 3
 FBE-560 Mergers and Acquisitions 3
 FBE-529 Financial Analysis and Valuation 3

Note: Students may submit a petition to waive any required course if they have taken the equivalent of one of those courses outside of the law school as part of their undergraduate program or another graduate program.

For instructions on enrolling in Business School courses, click here.


Click here to complete the form to enroll in the certificate program. Enrollment forms must be received by September 1 of the year before the student plans to graduate. Students are encouraged to submit the form as soon as they formulate an intent to earn a certificate. For example, 2Ls are encouraged to submit the form at the time they register for their Fall classes.


3L students working toward the Business Law certificate are encouraged to take the Deals course, which is offered in the spring semester. This class is designed to be the capstone of the Business Law Program. It will bring law students and business students together to negotiate deals, which will then be discussed and analyzed by leading business lawyers.

Students in the J.D.-M.B.A. program are eligible for the certificate.

Students may earn certificates in both Business Law and Entertainment Law. Courses, such as Business Organization, Taxation, and Entertainment Law, may count toward both certificates.

Classes taken at other parts of the university count toward the units required for the certificate, even if the student chooses not to have those units count toward the J.D. degree requirements.

Any questions concerning the certificate requirements may be directed to the Academic Director, Prof. Michael Chasalow.

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