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Career Information for Employers

USC Gould School of Law is an elite, private institution offering an innovative program focusing on the law as an expression of social values and as an instrument for implementing social goals. USC Gould is small and collegial, with an entering class of approximately 200 students drawn from all regions of the country and abroad. USC Gould's student body is richly diverse, reflecting the school's recognition of the critical importance of diversity both in the classroom and the legal community.

Instruction at USC Gould is both highly theoretical and highly practical, emphasizing in various courses both a critical understanding of how law functions in society and a practical knowledge of how lawyers function within the legal system. The school has achieved national recognition both for its innovative, interdisciplinary-oriented faculty and for its leadership in clinical education.

USC Gould graduates are highly regarded and actively sought in the legal job market. As the student body continues to diversify and seek employment opportunities throughout the country, USC Gould simultaneously dedicates its efforts to maintaining USC's strong ties to national legal employers as well as its historically significant role within the Los Angeles and Southern California legal communities.

Thank you for considering our students and graduates. We look forward to working with you.

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