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Welcome to the Online Application Status Check

Thank you for applying to the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. The purpose of this website is to help keep you informed about your application status.

How to Access the Online Status Check

First Time Users

In order to use the Online Status Check System you must first create an account using the username and password found in the email we sent you with the subject line "USC Law Online Status Check". After logging on you will be asked to create a new, personalized password. Please retain this in a secure location for your records. Applicants receive this e-mail within 3 business days of our receiving their application.

Returning Visitors Status Check

Admission Decisions

The Law School admissions process operates on a rolling basis. Meaning, we begin to make admission decisions before the application priority date. Applications that are completed by February 1 receive priority review.

Decision notifications are sent beginning in mid-December and concluding in mid-May.

All decisions are final and no appeals process exists.

Status Messages

You may monitor the status of your application via the online status page. This page provides the most up-to-date information regarding the status of your application and the admissions staff is unable to provide information beyond what it listed on your status page. Your application will not be forwarded to the Admissions Committee for review until your current status indicates that your application is "Complete." For an explanation of what the different current statuses mean, please read the descriptions below.


Your application is incomplete. It is your responsibility to ensure that all required components are received prior to the application deadline to ensure review of your application. If your application is incomplete due to a missing personal statement, resume or any type of conduct disclosure you should have received an e-mail from us indicating the lack of that requirement. If your application is incomplete due to any component missing from your CAS Report (transcript, letter of recommendation, reportable LSAT score), then it is your responsibility to communicate with LSAC regarding the missing component. All application materials must be received from LSAC before our published application deadline.


Your application is complete and will be forwarded to the Admissions Committee. There is no further action needed for you to take at this time.

In Review:

Your application has been assigned for review by the Admissions Committee. The length of review may vary for a variety of reasons. Please continue to regularly check your application status for updates.

Decision Finalized:

The Admissions Committee has made a decision on your application. Decisions are communicated via e-mail and/or US Mail, but please note that we do not release decisions over the telephone. If you do not receive your decision within 7-10 business days of your status changing to Decision Finalized, please notify our office.


At this time you have been offered a spot on the waiting list. Please carefully monitor your inbox for e-mail instructions containing additional details regarding the wait list process and any actions you may need to take to indicate your continued interest in remaining on the waiting list.

First Seat Deposit Paid:

Your first seat deposit has been received and processed Please remember to make your second seat deposit by the deadline included in your decision letter (typically July 1).

Second Seat Deposit Paid:

Congratulations! Your second seat deposit has been paid and you have fully secured your seat in the incoming class.

Application withdrawn before decision:

At your request or due to failure to submit a completed application, we withdrew your application from consideration prior to a decision being rendered.

Application withdrawn:

At your request, we withdrew your application from consideration after you had been notified of an offer of admission.

Application withdrawn after deposit:

At your request, we withdrew your application after you had already submitted a seat deposit.

Admission offer deferred:

At your request, a deferral was issued and your seat is being held for the upcoming class.

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