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Office of Public Service

Vision Statement

The Office of Public Service is the Law School's "home" for public service where, in collaboration with other disciplines, tomorrow's lawyers learn today to creatively address society's most difficult challenges.

Mission Statement

The Office of Public Service seeks to create a strong service ethic in a generation of lawyers who will gain the skills to become advocates for social justice locally, nationally, and internationally.

The OPS mission is to enhance, coordinate, and support external service learning at the Law School, including public interest, pro bono, and community service activities, and to serve as a resource for students and the community.

A service ethic is an essential component of a complete legal education. We strive to support and encourage this service ethic by providing each student with opportunities to engage in service to others in the way that seems best suited to her or him. Our goal in the student-driven Office of Public Service is to engage students in service to those in need and to empower students to create their own service projects, work for social justice, develop their leadership potential, and become advocates that are responsive to the communities they serve. Ultimately, we aim to provide each student with an individualized, creative space where that student's perspective on what service to others means can be deepened, broadened, and explored.

OPS Goals

The following are goals that the OPS aspires to achieve in this coming academic year:

  • Coordinate all public interest, government, and judicial externships and streamline policies and procedures to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Support and collaborate with the Law School's Clinical Faculty and other Faculty, especially in articulating innovative service learning models that are both pedagogically rigorous and effective in meeting clients' needs.
  • Serve as a primary resource for all USC Law students and student organizations engaged in public interest, pro bono, or community service activities.
  • Advise and counsel individual students in pursuit of public interest, pro bono, or community service opportunities, and foster and support a service ethic that will continue throughout the careers of USC law students.
  • Act as a facilitator and contact point for those members of the University and the surrounding Los Angeles community who wish to collaborate with USC Law School in public interest, pro bono, or community service work.
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