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Students with Families

Partners and children of USC Law students are very much a part of our community. In each incoming class there are often a number of students who are married, have significant others, and who are raising children. Our office welcomes the opportunity to help families integrate into our community. Please let us know if you have any idea for a program or event involving families.

USC Child Care Programs

USC offers child care programs to students, faculty and staff. Interested students must submit an application to the USC Child Care Programs Office. Enrollment is dependent on the availability of space. For information pertaining to enrollment, rates and available programs, please contact the USC Child Care Programs Office.

Health Insurance

For more information about obtaining health insurance as a USC student, please visit: http://engemannshc.usc.edu/insurance/

Committee for Gender Equity - GPSS

The Committee for Gender Equity is one of the many committees through GPSS. Many of the functions and events of this committee focus on the unique needs of law students, especially those with partners and/or children including the USC Graduate Student Parent Network, Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation Program and Lactating Rooms. For additional information, please contact The Committee for Gender Equity.

USC Ticket Office

Partners and children of USC Law students can take advantage of discounted attractions in the Los Angeles area through the USC Ticket Office. For a listing of attractions and discounted prices, click here.

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