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HeinOnline has a wide variety of online materials, but it is best known for its extensive collection of law reviews and journals. The Law Journal Library includes the complete contents, including articles, essays, book reviews, notices, advertisements and all other materials that appeared in its original print version. Many of these are available from the first issue up to the present day. It is the best place to go for electronic copies of law reviews published prior to 1980. Searching is by author, title, full text. You can also retrieve an article by its legal citation (volume, journal abbreviation, first page) in the citation navigator located on the upper right hand corner. HeinOnline also provides access to digitized copies of a wide variety of other legal materials including the Federal Register, the Statutes at Large, U.S. Attorney General Opinions, a selection of major treaties and agreements, opinions of U. S. Supreme Court, historical tax documents, and many other resources. Because new materials are continually being added, consult the Directory of Titles ( for a complete list.