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Curriculum - Law, Social Justice and Diversity Certificate - On-Campus

USC Gould School of Law

Earning the on-campus Law, Social Justice and Diversity certificate requires successful completion of 12 total units including 6 units of Gould courses and 6 units of Social Work courses.

Gould Courses (on-campus) - Select 6 units

LAW-504 Criiminal Law*^ (3 units)

The crime problem and the legislative response to it through substantive criminal law; administration of criminal justice through police, prosecutorial, sentencing, and penological discretion.

LAW-520 Introduction to US Legal System (mandatory, 2 units)

Introduction to the U.S. Legal System introduces students to the legal system in the United States and the distinctive process and methods of American law. The course examines the basic structure and operation of government in the United States, particularly the judicial branch, and will focus on the American method of making, finding and enforcing law. The course provides a basic understanding of the historical context in which the legal system in the United States developed. Further, the course examines the foundational values of American law, such as due process and equality.

LAW-528 Constitutional Law* (2 units)

Constitutional Law explores the U.S. Constitution and its structure. The United States Constitution has been interpreted and reinterpreted by the Supreme Court on numerous occasions, giving rise to a wide range of guidelines, tests, and rules not contained in the text of the original document. This course therefore will focus heavily on the fundamental doctrines of substantive constitutional law as developed through case law. It covers the delineation of spheres of responsibility between the judiciary and legislature, the nation and the state, and the government and the individual. The course surveys various topics in American constitutional law along with historical and contemporary constitutional issues. Seminal U.S. Supreme Court cases are studied.

LAW-602 Criminal Procedure*^ (3 units)

Criminal procedure in the courts, and the regulation of law enforcement by the courts through rules of evidence and interpretation of the Bill of Rights.

LAW-621 Gender Discrimination*^ (3 units)

Analysis of the constitutional and statutory debates about the meaning of equality, and the recognition and accommodation of difference.

LAW-675 Mental Health Law^ (3 units)

Studies the important issues at the intersection of law and psychology/psychiatry, both civil and criminal.

LAW-686 Civil Rights Law^ (3 units)

Gives students operational significance to the abstractions presented in the Constitutional Law courses by investigating civil rights litigation.

LAW-704 Poverty Law^ (3 units)

An introduction to the problem of poverty in the United States and to the response of government and the legal system to the problems of the poor.

LAW-723 Children and the Law^ (2 units)

Explore areas of law that cover children and require students to think critically and practically about children's role in the legal system.

LAW-734 Local Government Law^ (3 units)

Study and evaluation of the municipal and regional legal institutions. Emphasis on the crises in financing and governing the urban society.

LAW-829 Cross-Cultural Dispute Resolution^ (2 units)

Brings an international perspective to understanding the impact of culture in the most commonly used international and domestic dispute resolution practices (negotiation, mediation, and arbitration).

*Students selecting this class may only enroll in the Graduate & International Programs (G&IP) section, which is meant for non-JD students at USC Gould School of Law.
^This class may not be offered every semester/year. Please consult with an advisor.

Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work Courses (on-campus) - Select 6 units

SOWK-536 Policy and Advocacy in Professional Social Work (3 units)

A study of the complex and interconnecting systems of policy, programs and communities that directly and indirectly impact Social Workers' clients' lives.

SOWK-624 Social Work in Juvenile Justice Settings (3 units)

Provides orientation to the context and operations of juvenile justice systems, and advanced skills for social work practitioners working with youth, families and communities.

SOWK-630 Diversity, Justice, and Culturally Competent Social Work Practice (3 units)

Introduction to diversity and social justice in the context of social work practice. Enhance cultural competence by raising awareness of one's own values/assumptions/biases.

SOWK-638 Policy in Integrated Care (3 units)

Analysis of policies and health care delivery with focus on implications for social workers and their clients in settings with adults, families, and older adults.

SOWK-666 Domestic and Intimate Partner Abuse (3 units)

Recognition of domestic and intimate partner abuse and examination of effective intervention measures and preventive methods.

SOWK-696 LGBTG Psycho/Social/Political Issues (3 units)

Overview of clinical, social and political issues with which social workers should be familiar when working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients.

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