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The USC Gould School of Law, one of the nation's elite law schools, offers undergraduate courses taught by its internationally distinguished faculty. Classes are held both in the law school building and on the University Park campus of University of Southern California (USC). These courses are designed to introduce students both to the role that law plays in the world today and the ways in which lawyers participate in the continuing growth and evolution of our society.

USC Gould courses meet a variety of graduation requirements. Some courses satisfy USC General Education (GE) requirements, and others are either required or are electives in several USC majors and minors.

LAW Courses

Undergraduate Majors, that include LAW courses:

Undergraduate Minors, that include LAW courses:

Progressive Master of Studies in Law (MSL) -
Launching in Fall 2019

USC's Progressive Degree program enables USC undergraduate students to begin work on a USC master's degree while finishing up the requirements for their USC bachelor's degree.

Undergraduate students may submit an application to our Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree program as a Junior for enrollment beginning Fall 2019. (Students must have completed at least 64 total units of undergraduate course work, but may not have not exceeded 96 total units, excluding AP, IB, or transfer units earned prior to graduation from high school).

Students must have a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 both at the time an application is submitted and at enrollment.

Students should complete their undergraduate degree and MSL degree in a total of five years. Applications should be submitted to For more information, contact

More Information

For more information on undergraduate LAW offerings, check out the USC Catalogue, talk to your advisor, and contact To see which courses are currently, or will be scheduled in the near future, please check out the USC Schedule of Classes.

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