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Undergraduate Student Organizations

Undergraduate Law Programs

Students lead numerous organizations at USC and the law school. USC Gould provides leadership, guidance and support to undergraduate student organizations across campus that have sought affiliation with and been approved by the USC Gould Office of Undergraduate Law.

Affiliated Undergraduate Organizations

Corporate Law & Financial Regulation Association toggle arrow icon

The Corporate Law & Financial Regulation Association (CLFRA) is a USC community organization open to all undergraduate students in any major, dedicated to educating undergraduate USC students about the fields of law and business through an immersive approach. Implementing guest panel discussions with corporate lawyers, hands-on legal writing activities and navigating international law and business transactions. CLFRA ensures an authentic and rewarding approach to the fields of law and business. Moreover, the organization engages in services with real client work, which includes the process of business deals.

CLFRA was founded during the 2018-2019 school year in an effort to provide a space for legal and business minds to congregate and improve upon their technical skills, while also learning more about their future professions through interactive panels and projects. The vision of the organization is to engage with all forward-thinking undergraduate USC students and progress through challenging and rewarding career-focused projects.

Journal of Law & Society toggle arrow icon

The University of Southern California Journal of Law and Society is a student-run, interdisciplinary Journal that promotes outstanding undergraduate scholarship. Guided by top faculty members at the University of Southern California, papers selected for publication undergo a rigorous editing process by undergraduate students at USC to ensure that each paper is of the highest quality. The USC Journal of Law and Society seeks to publish papers from a wide range of disciplines that reflect diverse viewpoints, and strives to promote greater awareness and understanding of the legal field.

Latino Students in Law toggle arrow icon

Latino Students in Law is a student-run organization that aims to advance Latino representation in the legal field through panel discussions with law school admissions officers and practicing attorneys, mentorship opportunities with current law school students, and LSAT tutoring. LSL leads with one primary focus: preparing the next generation of resilient and passionate attorneys to advance diversity in the legal field.


Trojan American Parliamentary Debate Union (Trojan Debate) toggle arrow icon

Trojan American Parliamentary Debate Union (TDU) is a USC debate team incorporating American Parliamentary Debate (under the APDA national league). APDA is the oldest intercollegiate debate format in the country, and it features two teams of two debaters each debating a topic chosen by one of the teams. APDA differentiates from other formats in allowing debaters discretion on the discourse topic, and to generate debates on any subject of their passion. TDU is the second APDA team on the West Coast and the first debate team built under law school.

TDU encompasses a debate-oriented internal branch and a project-oriented external branch. The internal branch provides weekly practice rounds and travel tournaments. Additionally, the internal branch promotes intercollegiate collaborations through pro-am with varsities from other colleges, novice spar chat, joint practices, as well as the production and sharing of training resources. The external branch provides faculty debates on interdisciplinary topics and law-related projects proposed by boards. Every board in the external branch can propose and execute projects that promote discourse.


Trojan Review toggle arrow icon

The Trojan Review is an undergraduate law review designed to provide undergraduates with the resources and knowledge necessary to explore legal writing, research, and then share their findings in a scholarly fashion. In essence, it was created to familiarize undergraduates with the opportunities in the field of law and encourage one another to think critically and holistically about pertinent legal topics.

USC Society of Women in Law toggle arrow icon

USC Society of Women in Law (SWIL) is USC's first and only female-empowering, pre-law society. The organization provides a friendly and safe environment for members to explore the legal industry. USC SWIL hosts events ranging from female

The mission of USC SWIL is to foster a community of female-identifying undergraduate, pre-law students as a platform for networking, and exploring possibilities of a law school education and/or legal career."

USC Phi Alpha Delta toggle arrow icon

USC Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) is the University of Southern California's premier Pre-Law society, focused on the pre-law development and journey of USC undergraduate and graduate students. USC PAD offers unique professional development resources, including resume workshops, law school admissions panels, networking events, and speaker meetings with professionals in the legal field while also promoting bonding between members through social events and peer mentorship.

Southern California Moot Court toggle arrow icon

The purpose of this organization is to allow students to better their oral and written advocacy skills in the context of appellate-style litigation to prepare them for law school and for a career as an advocate. The program is intended to be accessible to all undergraduate students who are interested in law school.

Moot Court, by its very nature, teaches you how to "think like a lawyer" - a skill that law schools and law practitioners alike find critical to legal practice. It's the ability to come to legal conclusions by looking at a set of facts, then looking at applicable law and, ultimately, applying the law to the facts.

Beyond training our members with the skills necessary to thrive in competition, our mission is to train advocates to win real cases for real clients, making a real difference in American jurisprudence.

USC Gould Affiliation

We value the impact student organizations have in developing and fostering leadership, teamwork and community. Learn more about the benefits and process for affiliating your organization with USC Gould. For more information on how to become an affiliated student organization, please email us at [email protected] or contact our Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Alma Gonzalez.

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