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Fall 2020

  • August 24, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (Via Zoom Video Conferencing) (CLASS Workshop)

    Speaker: Mariana Pargendler (Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) Law School in São Paulo)
    Title: “Veil Peeking: The Corporation as a Nexus for Regulation”

Spring 2021

There are no Workshops & Conferences for this semester scheduled at this time. Please check back again.


Yahoo! Finance
August 4, 2020
Re: Jody David Armour

Jody Armour spoke on a panel hosted by the reform group Neighborhood Forward about the unintended consequences of a proposed menthol cigarette ban in California. "These kinds of bans and prohibitions only license the police to make more pre-text stops, and the Black community does not need more unjust interactions with police," he said. The story was also posted in EURweb.


Judy Davis
June, 2020

Internet Legal Research on a Budget (with Carole A. Levitt). 2nd ed, American Bar Association Publishing, 2020.

Felipe Jiménez
June, 2020

“Contracts, Markets, and Justice: On Peter Benson's 'Justice in Transactions',” University of Toronto Law Journal.

Dorothy S. Lund
June, 2020

"The Cost of Doing Business: Corporate Crime and Punishment Post-Crisis," Corporate Law Academic Webinar.