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2009 USC Legal Studies Working Paper Series
USC Gould School of Law

2009 USC Legal Studies Working Paper Series

  • 09-1 Author, Title.
  • 09-2 Camille Gear Rich, Marginal Whiteness.
  • 09-3 Camille Gear Rich, What Dignity Demands: The Challenges of Creating Sexual Harassment Protections for Non-Workplace Settings.
  • 09-4 Shmuel Leshem and Geoffrey P. Miller, All-or-Nothing versus Proportionate Damages.
  • 09-5 Gillian K. Hadfield, Legal Barriers to Innovation (Regulation, Vol. 31, #3, Fall 2008).
  • 09-6 Mary L. Dudziak, Law, War, and the History of Time (forthcoming, Calif. L. Rev. 2010).
  • 09-7 Edward J. McCaffery, Behavioral Dimensions of Tax Reform.
  • 09-8 Edward J. McCaffery and James R. Hines, Jr., The Last Best Hope for Progressivity in Tax.
  • 09-9 Douglas G. Baird and Robert K. Rasmussen, Anti-Bankruptcy.
  • 09-10 James C. Spindler, IPO Underpricing, Disclosure, and Litigation Risk.
  • 09-11 Nathalie Carrick, Jodi A. Quas, and Thomas D. Lyon, Maltreated and Nonmaltreated Children's Evaluations of Emotional Fantasy (forthcoming in Child Abuse & Neglect, 2009).
  • 09-12 Thomas D. Lyon, Nathalie Carrick, and Jodi A. Quas, Young Children's Competency to Take the Oath: Effects of Task, Maltreatment, and Age (forthcoming in Law & Human Behavior, 2009).
  • 09-13 Thomas D. Lyon, Michael E. Lamb, J.E.B. Myers, Legal and Psychological Support for the NICHD Interviewing Protocol: Author's Response to Vieth (2008) (forthcoming in Child Abuse & Neglect, 2009).
  • 09-14 Nina Walton, Gatekeepers and CEO Reputation.
  • 09-15 Ariela J. Gross, The Constitution of History and Memory (forthcoming in Austin Sarat, Cathrine Frank, and Matthew Anderson, eds., Companion to Law and the Humanities (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2009)).
  • 09-16 Ariela J. Gross, Legal Transplants: Slavery and the Civil Law in Louisiana.
  • 09-17 Michael H. Shapiro, Argument Selection in Constitutional Law: Choosing and Reconstructing Conceptual Systems (forthcoming in 18 So. Cal. Rev. of Law and Soc. J. 209 (2009)).
  • 09-18 Thomas D. Lyon, The Supreme Court, Hearsay, and Crawford: Implications for Child Interviewers (20 APSAC Advisor 2 (2008)).
  • 09-19 Angela D. Evans, Kang Lee, Thomas D. Lyon, Complex Questions Asked by Defense Lawyers But Not Prosecutors Predicts Convictions in Child Abuse Trials (in press, Law & Human Behavior (2008)).
  • 09-20 Jodi A. Quas, Allison R. Wallin, Briana Horwitz, Elizabeth Davis, Thomas D. Lyon, Maltreated Children's Understanding of and Emotional Reactions to Dependency Court Involvement (27 Behavioral Sciences & the Law 97 (2009)).
  • 09-21 Thomas D. Lyon, Abuse Disclosure: What Adults Can Tell (forthcoming in Bottoms, B.L., Goodman, G.S., & Najdowski, C.J. (eds.), Child Victims, Child Offenders: Psychology and Law (New York: Guilford).
  • 09-22 James C. Spindler, How Private Is Private Equity, and at What Cost? (forthcoming, 76 Univ. of Chicago L. Rev. 209 (2009)).
  • 09-23 Nomi M. Stolzenberg, Facts on the Ground (forthcoming in Eduardo Penalver and Gregory Alexander, eds., Property and Community (Oxford University Press)).
  • 09-24 Alexander Capron, Alexandre Mauron, Bernice Simone Elger, Andrea Boggio, Abomoni Ganguli-Mitra, and Nikola Biller-Andorno, Ethical Norms and the International Governance of Genetic Databases and Biobanks: Findings from an International Study (forthcoming in 19 Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 101 (June 2009)).
  • 09-25 Nuno Garoupa and Daniel Klerman, Corruption and Private Law Enforcement: Theory and History.
  • 09-26 Gillian K. Hadfield, Higher Demand, Lower Supply? A Comparative Assessment of the Legal Resrouce Landscape for Ordinary Americans.
  • 09-27 Gillian K. Hadfield, The Strategy of Methodology: The Virtues of Being Reductionist for Comparative Law (59 U. Toronto L.J. 223 (2009)).
  • 09-28
  • 09-29 Rebecca Brown, Deep and Wide: Justice Marshall's Contributions to Constitutional Law (forthcoming in 52 Howard L.J. (2009)).
  • 09-30 Nomi M. Stolzenberg, Board of Education of Kiryas Joel Village School District v. Grumet: A Religious Group's Quest for its Own Public School (forthcoming in Leslie Griffin, ed., Law and Religion: Cases in Context (Aspen, 2010)).
  • 09-31 Edward J. McCaffery, Through the Looking Glass: The Politics of Estate Tax Reform (forthcoming in ACTEC Journal (2009)).
  • 09-32 George Lefcoe, Book Review, Jeff Benedict's Little Pink House: The Back Story of the Kelo Case (42 Conn. L. Rev. 925 (2010)).
  • 09-33 George Lefcoe, Should We Ban or Welcome "Spec" Home Buyers? (36 J. Legis. 1 (2010)).
  • 09-34 Gregory C. Keating, The Heroic Enterprise of the Asbestos Cases (37 Southwestern L. Rev. 623 (2008)).
  • 09-35 Gregory C. Keating, Is Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress a Freestanding Tort? (forthcoming, 44 Wake Forest L. Rev. (Fall 2009)).
  • 09-36 Jonathan M. Barnett, Is Intellectual Property Trivial? (forthcoming, 157 U. Pennsylvania L. Rev. (2009)).
  • 09-37 Catharine P. Wells, Langdell and the Invention of Legal Doctrine.
  • 09-38 George Lefcoe, After Kelo, Curbing Opportunistic TIF-Driven Economic Development: Forgoing Ineffectual Blight Tests; Empowering Property Owners and School Districts (83 Tulane L. Rev. 1 (2008)).
  • 09-39 Mary L. Dudziak, A Sword and a Shield: The Uses of Law in the Bush Administration (in Julian Zelizer, ed., The Presidency of George W. Bush: A First Historical Assessment (Princeton University Press, 2010).
  • 09-40 Kim S. Buchanan, Gendered Laws, Racial Stories.
  • 09-41 James C. Spindler, Endogenous Compensation in a Firm with Disclosure and Moral Hazard.
  • 09-42 Elizabeth Garrett, The Story of TVA v. Hill: Congress Has the Last Word (forthcoming in Eskridge, Frickey & Garrett, eds., Statutory Interpretation Stories (Foundation Press, 2010)).
  • 09-43 Andrei Marmor, Can the Law Imply More Than It Says? -- On Some Pragmatic Aspects of Strategic Speech.
  • 09-44 Nina Walton, The Price of Admission: Who gets into private school, and how much do they pay?


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