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Nekishia Lester

Nekishia Lester

Lecturer in Law

699 Exposition Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90089-0074 USA

Last Updated: April 26, 2018

Nekishia Lester has been a lecturer and professor at various universities and law schools. Her teaching responsibilities have included Legal Research, Legal Writing, American Law, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Family Law, Contract Law, Tort Law and Evidence. In addition to law courses, Lester has been a professor of English and Entrepreneurship.

Lester graduated from the University of Miami with degrees in Mathematics and English, and went on to law school at the university. She began her career as a law clerk with the General Counsel’s Office for the University of Miami. From there, Lester joined the Law Offices of Rumberger, Kirk and Caldwell as a civil litigator representing Fortune 500 and global companies in the areas of employment, securities, aviation, products liability, construction and personal injury. After several years at Rumberger, Kirk and Caldwell, in 2008 Lester was one of the inaugural group to become assistant civil counsels for the Third Region of Florida, where she continued with litigation and expanded her appellate practice. Later, she operated her own practice and represented clients in the areas of probate, business and family law and became a certified Mediator in the State of Florida.

Among her honors and distinctions, in 2015 Lester was named one of the Top 40 Under 40 Lawyers and Business Professionals in Florida and was featured on the front cover of a distinguished magazine, Legacy South Florida.


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