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Joan Goldsmith

Joan Goldsmith

Lecturer in Law

699 Exposition Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90089-0074 USA

Last Updated: August 16, 2018

Joan Goldsmith, M.A., H.L.D (Doctor of Humane Letters), has been an educator, coach, mediator, facilitator, and organizational consultant with public and corporate sector organizations for over thirty years, specializing in leadership development, organizational change, team building, strategic planning, organizational design and development, collaborative or win/win negotiation, and conflict resolution.

Goldsmith was a faculty member at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University, where she directed the Masters of Arts in Teaching program. She was the founder and Executive Director of Cambridge College, an undergraduate and graduate school for adult professionals. She has taught in high school in Boston and at UCLA, Cambridge College, and Antioch University, and is currently an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and is teaching at Pepperdine University School of Law, Strauss Institute on Dispute Resolution.

She has been a consultant to numerous corporate and educational clients as a Principal and organizational consultant with the Index Group. In partnership with Sidney and Yulin Rittenberg, she was a founding Director of Index China, a consulting company dedicated to providing advice to U.S. corporations seeking to work in China.

Goldsmith has been an executive coach and consultant on a variety of organizational issues to many schools, health care organizations, universities, government agencies, and Fortune 100 companies in the United States and internationally. She has served on several boards of directors, including: Cambridge College, The Teachers Network, Deaf Self-help, Mar Vista Family Center and the Coro Foundation.

She has co-authored a best-selling book on leadership, Learning to Lead: A Workbook On Becoming a Leader (1st through 4th Editions) with Warren Bennis, and has coached executives at many corporations in fields including hospital and health care, aerospace, banks and financial institutions, entertainment companies, city and county governments, schools, universities and non-profits. She has advised them on leadership development, collaborative negotiation and interest-based bargaining, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, change management, conflict resolution and organizational development initiatives, among others.

She is a mediator and trainer in conflict resolution specializing in school, workplace and organizational conflicts. She co-authored with Kenneth Cloke, Thank God It’s Monday! 14 Values We Need to Humanize the Way We Work; Resolving Personal and Organizational Conflict: Stories of Transformation and Forgiveness; The End of Management and the Rise of Organizational Democracy; The Art of Waking People Up: Cultivating Awareness and Authenticity at Work; and Resolving Conflicts at Work: 10 Strategies for Everyone on the Job (1st through 4th Editions).

In the international sector, she has worked in collaborative partnerships with indigenous leaders in the Southern Hemisphere. She has had numerous international professional engagements, including in Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, the Bahamas, Japan, China, India, Zimbabwe, the Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland and England.


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April 18, 2019
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February, 2019

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