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Kevin Burke

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Last Updated: August 18, 2022

Kevin Joseph Burke works with an international law firm with offices in the UK and Asia, and a global reach through a law firm alliance network. His focus is in the areas of law firm strategy, management and legal services innovation. Burke’s professional background followed a path from litigation specialist and jury trial lawyer to leadership and governance of an AMLAW 200 firm as a law firm chairman. As the firm chairman his work was directed toward modernizing the firm’s technology platform, adding a C-level tier of administrative and operations professionals and prioritized diversity and inclusion, LBGTQ mandates and opportunities for partnership membership.

Burke is a fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers; fellow, American Bar Foundation and fellow, Litigation Counsel of America. He is pursuing his interest in the evolution of the legal services sector and law firm management consulting.

At USC Gould, Burke teaches Business of Law: Future of Legal Service Delivery, which offers practical and real perspectives on the legal profession. The course explores a historical foundation of law as a profession throughout most of the 20th century and the drivers of change transforming the sector from a professional model to more of a business model. The course covers a range of topics including client driven change, innovation, consequential stressors, technology and digitalization, and business model design.


India Education Diary
September 27, 2022
Re: Andrew T. Guzman

Dean Andrew Guzman was quoted about the USC Gould JD Class Of 2025. “This is an important time to be studying law, as there is no profession that is more essential to the success of democracy,” he said. “Even the smallest legal changes can affect the lives of so many.”


Felipe Jiménez
August, 2022

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Robin Craig
August, 2022

"Tribal Water Rights and Tribal Health: The Klamath Tribes and the Navajo Nation During the COVID-19 Pandemic," St. Louis University Journal of Health Law & Policy (Forthcoming 2023).

Robin Craig
August, 2022

"Remembering the Ocean in Water Law," chapter for A Research Agenda for Water Law.