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Emio Zizza

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Last Updated: August 22, 2022

Eupremio (“Emio”) Zizza is general counsel at Global Music Rights, a burgeoning music performing rights company competing with the likes of ASCAP and BMI. Before joining GMR, Zizza spent several years at Warner Records, most recently as executive vice president and head of business and legal affairs. Prior to his time at Warner, Zizza worked for music industry legend Clive Davis in New York City at his various companies including Arista Records, J Records and RCA Music Group.

During his time in New York City, Zizza was an adjunct professor at Rutgers University School of Law where he taught courses in Contract Drafting and Negotiation, Entertainment Law and Law of the Music Industry.

A graduate of Brown University and Seton Hall Law School, Zizza published a law journal note on international copyright law and has been a frequent guest speaker in the areas of entertainment and music law.


USA Today
November 28, 2022
Re: Elyn Saks

Elyn Saks was interviewed about what schizophrenia really is. "A common misconception is that we're unable to care for ourselves and that's not true," she said. "For some people it is, but not for all of us. We can have relationships –romantic and friendships. But we often don't see that (in the media) because of the emphasis on sensationalism and 'othering' us."


Jonathan Barnett
November, 2022

Letter from Former Judges and Government Officials, Legal Academics, and Economists to Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Kanter on Standard-Essential Patents and Patent Pools (co-lead author with Adam Mossoff), Nov. 30, 2022.

Robin Craig
November, 2022

The Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Center featured Re-Envisiong the Anthropocene Ocean (University of Utah Press, forthcoming), edited by Robin Kundis Craig with Jeffrey M. McCarthy.

Robin Craig
November, 2022

"4°C," 106 Minnesota Law Review 191 (Nov. 2021), co-authored with J.B. Ruh, was selected as one of the top 5 environmental, natural resources, and energy law articles for 2021-2022 through the Environmental Law Institute and Vanderbilt Law School review process, for inclusion in the 16th Annual Environmental Law and Policy Review.