2011 G&IP class USC Law’s largest to date

USC Gould School of Law • August 25, 2010
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By Jason Finkelstein

One of the hallmarks of a USC Law education is the incredible diversity of the student body. And for proof of that diversity, look no further than the school’s newest, and largest ever, class of international scholars, who have come to Los Angeles from 21 nations spanning four continents.

In 2010-11, 127 Master of Laws (LL.M.) students, along with four Master of Comparative Law (M.C.L.) students, two visiting VIP students, two exchange students from the University of Hong Kong and one exchange student from the London School of Economics will study at USC Law. Sixty-eight of the incoming LL.M. students got a head start on their USC Law experience by completing the school’s Summer Law & English (SLE) program.

“Many of our students come to us from successful careers in law, business and government as they embark on their master’s degree programs at USC Law,” Misa Shimotsu-Kim, director of Graduate & International Programs, said.

“Upon completion of their programs, our students will join the ranks of our 657 G&IP alumni from 60 countries from around the globe.”

This is USC Law’s ninth LL.M. class and seventh M.C.L. class.

In addition to the international students USC Law has brought to the U.S., the school has sent four of its own J.D. students to study at the London School of Economics for the academic year. Additionally, two USC J.D. students will study at the University of Hong Kong this fall and two more J.D. students will study there in the spring.

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G&IP Class of 2011

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