In the business of shaping entertainment: Adam Glick

Julie Riggott • January 25, 2023
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Adam Glick (JD 1994) is Executive Vice President and Head of Business Affairs Warner Bros. Television
Adam GlickWhen Adam Glick (JD 1994) joined Warner Bros. Television in 1999, NBC began airing The West Wing, one of his favorite WB shows. Over his past seven years as executive vice president and head of business affairs, streaming’s impact on the TV industry surpasses the juiciest TV script for drama and intrigue.
“Being on the cutting edge of these changes is both intellectually fascinating and daunting at the same time,” Glick says. “We are literally having to figure out new models to advance the studio’s business in real time — adapt or perish. The stakes and challenges are enormous; but when new templates are worked out, it’s very rewarding.”
Glick oversees a team of 11 executives, all lawyers by training, who facilitate the business of the largest TV studio in the world. “My team negotiates all talent deals for actors, writers, producers and directors as well as license agreements with our broadcast and streaming buyers.”
The studio produces more than 40 shows including Ted Lasso on Apple TV, Abbott Elementary on ABC TV, Sandman on Netflix and The Flight Attendant on HBO Max.
On a daily basis, Glick says he draws on the writing skills he honed in classes at USC Gould and the communication skills he developed as president of the Student Bar Association. “Building consensus is a crucial skill in business, particularly in a leadership role within an organization.”
Glick’s career includes working as a legal intern in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, associate at a boutique, full-service law firm and director of legal and music business affairs at the Carsey Werner Company.
When he moved to Warner Bros. TV, where he started as director of business affairs, he opted not to hop around the industry.
“I chose the ‘tortoise’ path, which was slow and steady ascension within the organization,” Glick says. “I was enjoying my career, surrounded by smart, talented executives, and the company had unparalleled success for 20 years. I felt like I was at the best company, and I wanted to see where the path took me.”

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