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Yoon-Ho Alex Lee

Yoon-Ho Alex Lee

Associate Professor of Law

Last Updated: Friday, January 13, 2017

Telephone: (213) 740-8044
Fax: (213) 740-5502
699 Exposition Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90089-0074 USA Room: 468

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Professor Lee teaches Securities Regulation, Administrative Law and Regulatory Policy, and Regulated Industries at USC Gould. His interests include law and economics, securities regulation, administrative law, corporations, consumer protection law, antitrust, and litigation and settlements.

Before joining USC Law in 2012, Professor Lee served as senior counsel and a financial economist in the Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. From 2006 to 2007, Professor Lee clerked for the Honorable Thomas B. Griffith, where he drafted opinions for large-scale administrative cases and cases involving Fourth Amendment violations. He also has extensive teaching assistant and research experience at Yale University, Yale Law School, and Harvard University.

Professor Lee received his B.A. in Mathematics from Harvard College, where he graduated summa cum laude, and his M.A. in Mathematics from Cambridge University. He received his J.D. from Yale Law School and his Ph.D. in Economics from Yale Graduate School.

Works in Progress

  • "Updating Priest and Klein" (with Daniel Klerman). - (SSRN)
  • "Litigation and Settlement with Correlated Two-Sided Incomplete Information" (with Daniel Klerman).
  • "Economics Models and Regulatory Remedies for the Problem of Consumer Credit” (with K. Jeremy Ko). - (SSRN)
  • "To Empower, Prohibit, or Delegate?: Regulatory Strategies for Modernizing the Consumer Credit Market” (with K. Jeremy Ko). - (bepress)
  • "Social Perception and Affirmative Action: A Game-Theoretic Analysis." - (SSRN)

Articles and Book Chapters

  • “Beyond Agency Core Mission,” 68 Administrative Law Review 551 (2016) (selected for presentation at the 2016 Harvard/Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum). - (SSRN)
  • “The Priest-Klein Hypotheses: Proofs and Generality,” (with Daniel Klerman) 47 International Review of Law and Economics 59 (2016). - (SSRN)
  • “SEC Rules, Stakeholder Interests, and Cost-Benefit Analysis,” 10 Capital Markets Law Journal 311 (2015). - (www)
  • “The Efficiency Criterion for Securities Regulation: Investor Welfare or Total Surplus?” 57 Arizona Law Review 85 (2015) (solicited for Institute of Law & Economic Policy Symposium). - (www)
  • "Inferences from Litigated Cases," (with Daniel Klerman) 43 Journal of Legal Studies 209 (2014) (lead article). - (PDF)
  • "The Economic Effect of SOX Section 404: A Corporate Insider Perspective," (with Cindy R. Alexander, Scott Bauguess, Gennaro Bernile, and Jennifer Marietta-Westberg) 56 Journal of Accounting & Economics 267 (2013). - (SSRN)
  • "An Options Approach to Agency Rulemaking,” 65 Administrative Law Review 881 (2013). - (SSRN)
  • "Consumer Mistakes in the Mortgage Market: Choosing Unwisely Versus Not Switching Wisely," (with K. Jeremny Ko) 14 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law 417 (2012). - (Hein)
  • "Competition, Consumer Welfare, and the Social Cost of Monopoly," (with Donald J. Brown) in Issues in Competition Law and Policy, pp. 409-432 (Chicago:  ABA Section on Antitrust Law, 2008), reprinted in Computational Aspects of General Equilibrium Theory: Refutable Theories Of Value. (Donald J. Brown & Felix Kubler, eds.) (New York: Springer, 2008). - (SSRN)
  • "The Economics of Regulatory Reform: Termination of Airline Computer Reservation Systems Rules," (with Cindy R. Alexander) 21 Yale Journal on Regulation 369 (2004). - (Hein)
  • "Criminal Jurisdiction Under the U.S.-Korea Status of Forces Agreement: From Problems to Proposals," 13 Journal of Transnational Law & Policy 213 (2003). - (Hein)

Other Publications

  • "Law Teaching as a Christian Experience," 5 Journal of Christian Legal Thought 6 (2015). - (www)
  • "SEC Rules, Stakeholder Interests, and Cost-Benefit Analysis," The CLS Blue Sky Blog, (2015) (solicited contribution). - (www)
  • "Foreword," Paul S. Jeon, Living Intentionally Before God: Reflections on 1 Thessalonians (2013).


Los Angeles Times
April 26, 2017
Re: Edward Kleinbard

Edward Kleinbard was cited about the limited economic benefits for Americans when tax breaks encourage companies to repatriate foreign income. After the tax holiday, U.S. corporations even stepped up their sequestering of profits abroad, figuring that sooner or later a new administration would offer them yet another break — as Trump is proposing. That hoard of what Kleinbard calls “stateless income” now tops $2 trillion.


Hannah Garry
February, 2017

Hannah Garry moderated "Humanity in War: An International Humanitarian Law Workshop," USC Gould School of Law, Los Angeles, CA.

Gillian Hadfield
February, 2017

“The Problem Of Social Order: What Should We Count As Law?” Law and Social Inquiry 42 (2017): 16.

David B. Cruz
February, 2017

David B. Cruz spoke on "Equal Protection? Current Issues of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination" on a panel on "Challenges and Controversies in Constitutional Law," 2017 Central District of California Judicial Conference, La Quinta, CA.