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USC Gould School of Law


Contact the Personnel Office at [email protected] or 213-740-2542 for any questions, concerns, or urgent matters.

Where can I verify Proof of Employment and/or Income Information? toggle arrow icon

USC uses The Work Number by TALX to provide employment verification. They are a new and faster way to provide employment verification information.

You can also contact Personnel at [email protected] or 213-740-2542 for urgent matters.

I am a current employee, and I would like to know which positions are open at the Law School. toggle arrow icon

Visit your Workday Homepage. Click on the Career Worklet, and click "Find Jobs" to view USC Jobs. Use the filters to specify the job search.

For Faculty positions, visit the USC Career Site, and filter the "Employment Type" by faculty and the School/division by the Gould School of Law.

Who may I contact to report a Work Related Injury? toggle arrow icon

Immediately contact Maria de la Garza as soon as the injury is known at [email protected] or 213-740-2542. Visit USC's Workers' Compensation page for Workman's Compensation forms and for more information.

When can my new hire get their USC ID numbers and USC ID card? toggle arrow icon

The Personnel team assists new hires with their ID numbers and ID cards during onboarding.

Payroll and Timesheets

I have a question regarding my paycheck. Whom do I contact? toggle arrow icon

Please contact Personnel at 213-740-2542 or [email protected]

I am a full-time, non-exempt employee. What does my schedule look like? toggle arrow icon

A full workday is 7.5 hours. Most offices are open 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday, and employees have an hour lunch. The normal weekly work period at the university is 37.5 hours. Changes in your regular work schedule must be approved by your supervisor and Personnel.

I am an hourly employee and I forgot to enter my hours for a past pay period. How do I enter hours for a past pay period? toggle arrow icon

On the Thursday following the end of the pay period, your manager still has access to edit and approve your timesheet for that period. Contact your manager to enter your hours together. Otherwise, please visit the Personnel Office to complete a late paper timesheet for processing. Note that time off (i.e. vacation, sick, etc.) must be entered in Workday beforehand to be processed in a late paper timesheet. Contact the Personnel Office for assistance.

I am an hourly employee and extra time off was given by the Dean. How do I enter my hours in Workday? toggle arrow icon

Enter your hours as you usually would for the whole day, equaling to 7.5 hours for the full day.

I will be out of the office when the pay period ends. How do I fill out my timesheet? toggle arrow icon

Workday is accessible from anywhere in the world. Workday also has a mobile app that will allow you to enter your time from your mobile device. Please contact Personnel at [email protected] or 213-740-2542 if you are experiencing issues.

How do I approve timesheets when I am out of the office? toggle arrow icon

Please contact Personnel at [email protected] or 213-740-2542 to delegate timesheet approving. Workday is also accessible from anywhere in the world. Workday has a mobile app that will allow you to view and approve timesheets.

Time Off

Whom may I contact to learn more about Medical Leaves, Personal Leaves, Bereavement, FMLA, CFRA, and Paternity Leaves? toggle arrow icon

Please contact Maria de la Garza or the personnel team at [email protected] or 213-740-2542.

For more information, please visit Time Off Policies. For more information on filing for Disability, please visit our Disability Policy Site.

For Faculty Leaves, please see the Faculty Handbook and contact Maria de la Garza or the personnel team.

My family member passed away, and I need to take time off. How should I record this? toggle arrow icon

Exempt and non-exempt employees should record Bereavement Leave in Workday. The university allows up to 5 days of paid bereavement, but the employee may take additional days off by using Time off without pay, Vacation time, or Personal leave time. Please notify Personnel and your supervisor, and visit the policy site on Paid Bereavement. Enter your time off as Bereavement in Workday, or contact Personnel for assistance. Please also provide Personnel with documentation for your bereavement leave, such as a ceremony program.

I have Jury Duty. How should I enter my hours in Workday? toggle arrow icon

Enter your time off request as "Jury Duty" and upload your proof of service to the request. Contact Personnel for assistance.

Exempt and non-exempt employee must notify their managers as soon as they receive a jury summons. Up to ten workdays will be paid at the employee's regular rate of pay for days the employee was scheduled to work but instead had to report to the courthouse. Please see the Paid Jury Duty Policy for additional information


Who should I be contacting to discuss my Benefits? toggle arrow icon

Please contact Personnel at [email protected] or 213-740-2542. If we cannot answer your specific question, we may refer you to USC's Human Resource Service Center, Benefits Specialist at 213-821-8100. You can also view USC's benefits at

I am a staff member. How is my vacation and/or sick time accrued? toggle arrow icon

Vacation is accrued based on cumulative years of university service as a benefits-eligible employee. Please see for the rate of vacation accruals.

Please see the website for the rate of sick accruals

How is holiday pay applied to my paycheck? toggle arrow icon

Please visit the website to view the policy for university paid holidays. University paid holidays pre-populate into non-exempt/hourly employees' Workday timesheet and will be paid after the timesheet is submitted for the pya period. If the holiday does not populate into your timesheet, please contact personnel to fix this.

Exempt employees do not need to record holiday pay, as it is automatically recorded.

Does the Law School provide a Nursing/Lactation Room? toggle arrow icon

Yes, the Nursing/Lactation Room is a room located on the first floor within the women's restroom near the main elevators.

I have a unique question about my 401K, 457(b), or retirement plan. Whom do I contact? toggle arrow icon

Please contact the retirement vender directly.

Visit the retirement information site at
You can also reach out to USC's Retirement Navigators at

Year-End Tax Documents

I used to work at USC 8+ years ago, how can I receive a copy of my W-2? toggle arrow icon

Contact the USC University Park Campus Payroll Office at 213-740-8855 or [email protected]. Visit the Payroll Website for additional information and resources.

How do I receive a copy of my W-2? toggle arrow icon
    1. Visit the ADP website. On the login page click Register Now
    2. Enter the USC registration code: UVY1-W2USC (ALL CAPS)
    3. Enter your first and last name, and select W-2 Services from the Service name and document dropdown. Then add the following additional information in order to validate your registration:
      • Year of W-2
      • Control Number---Employee ID (7-digit USC employee number) and Company Code: (All letters/CAPS) TYI
      • Employee HOME Zip code (First 5 digits only)
      • Employee's SSA number (full Social Security number, with or without dashes)

Click Next

    1. Enter a primary email address and primary mobile number(s) to reach you. If you provided a non-USC email address, you will receive an email from ADP to activate your email address. Click the link in your email from [email protected] to activate your email. If you provided a mobile phone number that is not shared by other users in your organization, look out for a text message from ADP and reply with the code to complete the activation
    2. Complete additional verification questions
    3. Set up your user ID, password and select security questions and answers
    4. Save your provided username and password

Consent to paperless W-2 delivery

  1. Log into ADP with your user ID and password
  2. In the Go Paperless section, turn on Receive paperless statements
  3. Read the Go Paperless Electronic Signature release. Check Receive Paperless Annual Tax Statements and click I agree select Download Form

Student Workers

I want to hire a USC student as an employee. Whom do I contact? toggle arrow icon

Please contact the personnel office as soon as possible at [email protected] or 213-740-2542. Please note that the student cannot work until they are cleared to start from Personnel.

I have an enrolled student worker. How many hours per week can they work? toggle arrow icon

All student workers are permitted to work no more than 20 hours per workweek. Please note that our workweek is from Thursday - Wednesday, as it appears in the Workday time sheet. More hours may be worked during winter recess, spring break, or summer when the student is not enrolled in classes.

I want to hire a USC Alumnus that is no longer enrolled. toggle arrow icon

Vice Dean approval is required to hire a USC Alumnus. Please contact Personnel at [email protected] or 213-740-2542 for assistance. They will need to be hired as a staff member/temporary worker and undergo a background check. Please note that the hiring process may take up to three weeks.

Personal Information/Workday Related