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10 reasons to get a master’s at USC Gould
USC Gould School of Law

Thursday, March 11, 2021

From new graduates to seasoned professionals, people at any career stage can accelerate their job prospects and performance with a master’s degree — especially one that focuses on U.S. law. Many common job functions involve legal departments, contracts, deals with government or law enforcement and bringing in new business. It is essential to understand the legal underpinnings that drive this work.

As you consider your options for a Master of Studies in Law degree (commonly called a Master of Legal Studies), look out for programs that provide personal attention to your goals, support your learning and practically apply what you learn to the real world.

USC Gould is one of the first top 20 law schools to have an MSL program. Here are the reasons our school stands apart from the others:

1. Degree Specialization
With the USC Gould MSL program, you have the opportunity to take general coursework with specialized certificates – at no additional cost – to hone in on the aspects of law most important to you.

*Offered online only.

2. Unparalleled Student Support
Our student services advisors are available for in-person, video or phone conversations at any time by making an appointment. Tailored support for your specific needs as a student and goals as a professional, we take pride in being a partner in our student’s experience as they navigate their coursework and plan for their future.

3. National CCB Accreditation
USC Gould is one of only a few law schools to be accredited by the Compliance Certification Board (CCB). This means our online coursework tied to compliance may allow students to sit for a CCB certificate upon graduation and are exempt from work experience requirements.

4. Faculty Immersed in Real-Life Law
Our MSL faculty are often active practitioners in their field, working at the top of their game. They bring real-life issues of law and legal application from their respective industries to the table, giving our students practical applications for their studies from leaders in the industry.

5. MSL-Only Classes
We have dedicated classes for our MSL students, both online and on campus. We tailor the curriculum to what you will need to complete your studies successfully and how your MSL class learns, enabling you to learn from classmates and instructors while staying aligned with your degree goals.

6. On Campus or Online
Every student is unique in their professional motivations and goals, and USC Gould strives to be flexible to meet your schedule and preferences to be most successful in our MSL program. Options to study full-time or part-time are available on campus at USC. Students can pursue the online option on a part-time basis.

7. Expansive Local and Global Alumni Network
When you join the Trojan Family, you will have an opportunity to grow your own professional network that is both global and personal. Tap into this network of more than 375,000 USC alumni and 11,000 USC Gould alumni while a student and after you graduate. Local chapters and events ensure you remain connected to, and supported by, your fellow Trojans no matter where life takes you.

8. Academic Theory Blended with Practical Experience
At USC Gould we don’t just teach the law, we help you understand how to actually use it to further your professional goals. Blending the academic aspects of the law with practical experience prepares you for a career that is enhanced by knowledge of the law and empowers you to utilize it properly in the workplace.

9. Continuing Career Support
USC Gould MSL students benefit from dedicated career services advisors eager to support you with individualized job search strategies, coursework recommendations aligned with your professional goals, and ongoing career counseling and resources – both during your time as a student and after completing your degree.

10. University of Southern California Student Resources
All Gould students benefit from a variety of resources to encourage the professional and personal success of our graduates available to USC students. From access to online training services such as to on-campus housing, technology assistance, student discounts and a diverse range of student organizations and events, our MSL students are given access to all that USC has to offer. 

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