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Health Care Law and the Transformation to Telehealth
USC Gould School of Law

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The way in which health care providers deliver information to patients looks very different now than it did a few years ago — and the pandemic has only accelerated that transformation. Today, telehealth is a primary method of consultation across most health services, including mental health, COVID-19 virtual screening, ongoing care and more.

As the health care industry digitizes many of its services — for convenience, preference or safety — administrators must understand the privacy and infrastructure impacts of telehealth on their services, patients and business functions. For example, all professionals who work in the medical field — from patient advocates, to nurses to hospital admins — must understand laws and data security regulations when dealing with patient information, including the storage and access of that data via electronic medical records (EMR).

Leadership in the law is essential to health care professionals
Health care administrators increasingly require specific knowledge of the law and the legal impact of the health care services, even if they never intend to become certified lawyers or work in the legal field.

As telemedicine and remote health care services continue to grow, so does the need for employees who understand how technology and data influence the delivery of health care and communications, as well as the legal implications for corporate finances. Additionally, conflict resolution enables administrative professionals to de-escalate confrontations and find cohesive solutions to often fraught conversations with patients or staff.

The Master of Studies in Law (MSL) with a specialization in Health Care Compliance at USC Gould School of Law is geared to professionals who need to understand the legal impacts of health care laws on employees and patients. Certified by the Compliance Certificate Board (CCB) this accredited, 100% online MSL degree — also known as a master’s in legal studies —at the University of Southern California prepares graduates to bring a unique legal expertise to a range of industries, including caregiving in non-hospital settings, mental health, consulting and more. In addition to the MSL program’s rigorous legal curriculum, students explore health care law and policy, regulatory compliance, patient privacy, and legal implications for business and finance.

Learn more about the MSL online degree at USC Gould, or reach out to, and redefine your career in the health care industry. 

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