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Emerging Careers in Cyber Law
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Monday, September 27, 2021

As data breaches, ransomware attacks, hacking and information security issues continue to make headlines, companies and individuals are increasingly aware of the impacts of privacy laws on personal, industry and government information. Having an education in cybersecurity and understanding of data protection is vitally important — and so is critical and strategic thinking around how to resolve privacy issues within evolving legal regulations.

Cyber law and cybersecurity are areas of exponential growth, providing an array of new career opportunities in law. With specializations available to those working as practicing attorneys, as well as compliance officers or those involved in risk management, digital integrity, private data security and cybercrime, understanding the legal framework of privacy law and cybersecurity can protect business and individual interests.

Emerging careers in the field of cybersecurity include:

  • Privacy and data protection advisor
  • Cybersecurity and privacy specialist
  • Healthcare privacy officer
  • Cybersecurity compliance analyst
  • Cybersecurity consultant
  • Consultants with auditing experience who want to pivot
  • Privacy program manager
  • Privacy analyst or specialist
  • Systems engineer
  • Privacy engineer
  • Technical program manager or analyst

Learn the laws that shape data privacy in the U.S.
A master’s in cyber law prepares graduates for leading roles in protecting business and individual data with essential legal education. The University of Southern California Gould School of Law has two cyber law master’s degree offerings for professionals who want to understand the legal framework behind emerging laws in digital integrity: the Master of Studies in Law (MSL) with a specialization in Privacy Law and Cybersecurity, and the Master of Laws (LLM) in Privacy Law and Cybersecurity

The specialized MSL at USC is designed for those who are interested in a cyber law degree but do not intend to become lawyers, whereas the LLM in Privacy Law and Cybersecurity is designed for those who have earned a prior law degree and want to specialize their practice.

Learn more about the MSL online degree and LLM in Privacy Law and Cybersecurity or reach out to — and redefine your career in the cybersecurity industry. 

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