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Curriculum - Social Work Administration Certificate - Online
USC Gould School of Law

Earning the online Social Work Administration certificate requires successful completion of 12 total units including 6 units of Gould courses and 6 units of Social Work courses.

Gould School of Law courses (Online) - Select 6 units

LAW-508 Constitutional Law, 3 units

Constitutional Law explores the U.S. Constitution and its structure. The United States Constitution has been interpreted and reinterpreted by the Supreme Court on numerous occasions, giving rise to a wide range of guidelines, tests, and rules not contained in the text of the original document. This course therefore will focus heavily on the fundamental doctrines of substantive constitutional law as developed through case law. It covers the delineation of spheres of responsibility between the judiciary and legislature, the nation and the state, and the government and the individual. The course surveys various topics in American constitutional law along with historical and contemporary constitutional issues. Seminal U.S. Supreme Court cases are studied.

LAW-510 Legal Research, 1 unit (mandatory)

Legal Research examines the basic legal research methodologies and techniques for the federal and California jurisdictions by focusing on online research sources.

LAW-520 Introduction to the US Legal System, 2 units (mandatory)

Introduction to the U.S. Legal System introduces students to the legal system in the United States and the distinctive process and methods of American law. The course examines the basic structure and operation of government in the United States, particularly the judicial branch, and will focus on the American method of making, finding and enforcing law. The course provides a basic understanding of the historical context in which the legal system in the United States developed. Further, the course examines the foundational values of American law, such as due process and equality.

LAW-559 Human Resource Compliance, 2 units

Human Resource Compliance explores the key areas within the field of human resources and employment and labor law from recruiting through termination. As the people who comprise the workforce, human resources are the backbone of every organization. Thus, the human resources field is valuable for every business leader and advisor to understand in order to meet the strategic objectives of an organization and to minimize risk. This course will prepare you to advise and support employers in day-to-day management of the workforce by enabling you to spot issues, compose policies and procedures, and develop an appropriate course of action based on legal requirements and best practices.

LAW-567 Introduction to Litigation in US Courts

Introduction to Litigation in U.S. Courts examines rules of civil procedure, taking a "nuts and bolts" approach to litigation in the court system. There will be discussion of the differences between state and federal rules of civil procedure. The course will be taught with a focus on litigation strategy and practical solutions.

LAW-598 Regulatory Compliance, 2 units

Regulatory Compliance provides an overview of regulatory compliance law and the ways that various organizations ensure compliance with governing laws and regulations. Students will understand basics about regulatory compliance law in the United States, and the ways that various organizations ensure compliance with governing laws and regulations. This course provides students with an examination of various areas of law, regulation, and policies, as well as the ways various industries utilize compliance protocols or programs. Central principles, as well as the statutory and regulatory framework that govern this growing field of compliance will be analyzed.

LAW-609 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Compliance, 2 units

Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Compliance explores regulations and compliance issues as well as related problem-solving techniques in the workplace. Various current problems will be explored, such as harassment policies, prevention and enforcement, immigration compliance, social media policies, regulation of employee behavior outside the work place, and more.

LAW-613 Corporate Governance, 2 units

Corporate Governance introduces students to the role and responsibilities of the board of directors and executive management in private, public, and nonprofit entities. The course will examine the purpose, evolution and history of corporate governance standards, the current structure, makeup, priorities and culture of boards, shareholder/stakeholder engagement, shareholder activism, corporate social responsibility, indemnification of boards and their management, and current "hot" topics in corporate governance.

LAW-635 Employment Discrimination, 2 units

Employment Discrimination Law will examine the regulation of employment discrimination under federal law. Primary attention will be paid to issues of race, sex, age and disability discrimination. The course will provide students a comprehensive overview of the legal doctrines developed to address workplace discrimination. It will address issues of statutory interpretation, litigation strategy and problems of proof. It will also situate this body of law within a set of sociological and theoretical frameworks aimed to enrich students' understandings of the law's foundations and purposes.

LAW-710 Contract Drafting and Strategy, 2 units

In this course, students will examine the strategies, objectives, and challenges that will affect how they draft contracts. They will consider the lawyer's role in drafting contracts and the factors that influence drafting style, technique, and content. The course will begin by analyzing the standard structure and terms of a typical contract, including the purposes behind them. Students will learn to draft precisely. Students then will dissect and examine a range of contracts used in business relationships (e.g., business formations, employment, real estate transactions, mergers/acquisitions) to evaluate drafting techniques and decisions in specific transactions. Finally, the students will use the knowledge they've gained to ink a deal.

LAW-826 Employment Dispute Mediation, 2 units

Employment Dispute Mediation provides a general survey of substantive employment law related to the procedural rules governing mediation. The course will begin with an introduction to the statutes, regulations and cases governing common employment disputes with a particular emphasis on anti-discrimination law, whistleblower protection, and employer accommodation of disabilities and religious practices. Hypotheticals and partner exercises will simulate aspects of the mediation of employment matters, specifically, counseling clients about mediation, drafting mediation briefs, communications during mediation sessions, negotiation tactics, and drafting agreements.

LAW-845 Negotiation Skills, 2 units

This course is designed to: (1) develop your understanding of negotiation, and your awareness of yourself as a negotiator; (2) give you some tools and concepts for preparing for and analyzing negotiations; (3) enhance your negotiating skills through frequent role plays, reflection and feedback; and (4) teach you how to keep learning from your own negotiating experience.

Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work Courses (Online) - Select 6 units

SOWK-627 Policy and Macro Practice in Child, You and Family Services, 3 units

Provides context and preparation for social work practitioners holding policy, management and macro practice roles in communities and organizations serving children, youth and families.

SOWK-629 Research and Evaluation for Community Organization, 3 units

Research/evaluation skills and critical analysis of data information systems to inform decision making to improve effectiveness of social work practice in community, organizations and business.

SOWK-648 Management of Human Services Organizations, 3 units

Methods and principles of management focusing on health and human service organizations, including strategic management, financial analysis, and innovative project development in social work.

SOWK-652 Social Work Practice in Workplace Settings, 3 units

Grant writing and program development that are generalized to any settings and relevant to direct and macro social work practice expertise.

SOWK-664 Consultation, Coaching & Social Entrepreneurship, 3 units

Expanding roles that social workers play within both non-profit and for profit corporations.

SOWK-665 Grant Writing and Program Development, 3 units

Social Work services designed to improve and/or maintain the productivity and healthy functioning of individuals in the workplace.