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The fellows selected for the year 2012 - 2013 were:

CLHC is pleased to announce the selection of its 2012-2013 graduate student fellows:

Elizabeth Logan, History (researching legal conceptions of inferiority through an analysis of Mendez v. Westminster School District)

Luong Chau, Law (researching how identity - specifically the identity of "limited English proficient" attached to members of the Asian and Pacific Islander community - impedes access to government assistance)

Demetrios Psihopaidas, Sociology ("Transgender Borderlands and Biopolitics": an analysis of the power of legal categories in shaping patient-staff relationships at the Southland Transgender Services center)

Ana Lee, Comparative Literature (researching the journals of Machado de Assis and their reception in New York as an example of the role played by intellectuals in Cuba and Brazil in shaping newly emerging national imaginaries, in particular images of the china mulata)

Nic Ramos, American Studies and Ethnicity (analyzing how Medicare and Medicaid shape the economic subject)

Jordan Bubin, Law (researching the unique concerns of Native Americans brought to bear on the environmental justice movement)

Nicole Gates, Law (exploring animal rights in the context of the "ag-gag" bills imposing penalties on whistleblowers in slaughterhouses)

Amadi Jordan-Walker, Law (researching the effect of historical biases against women in family law cases)


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