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Center for Law, History and Culture

Meet our CLHC Faculty

Jeb Barnes (Political Science)
Bettine Birge (East Asian Language and Culture)
Marshall Cohen (Philosophy and Law)
David Cruz (Law, CLHC Steering Committee)
Joanna Demers (Thornton School of Music)
Bill Dverell (History)
Philip Ethington (History)
Ronald Garet (Law and Religion)
Larry Gross (School of Communication)
Karen Halttunen (History)
Gregory Keating (Law and Philosophy)
Daniel Klerman (Law & History)
Anna Krakus (Slavic Languages and Literatures,CLHC Steering Committee)
Susan Lape (Classics)
Rebecca Lemon (English, CLHC Steering Committee,)
Martin Levine (Law and Gerontology)
Sharon Lloyd (Philosophy)
Jessica Marglin (Religion, CLHC Steering Committee)
Claudia Moatti (Classics and Law)
Sean Ossei-Owusu (History)
Nathan Perl-Rosenthal (History and Spatial Sciences)
Alison Dundes Renteln (Political Science, Anthropology, and Public Policy)
Camille Rich (Law)
Stephen M. Rich (Law)
Daria Roithmayr (Law)
Anna Rosenweig (Provost Postdoctoral Scholar)
Elyn Saks (Law, Psychology, Psychiatry, and the Behavioral Sciences)
Hilary Schor (English & Law, CLHC Co-Director, CLHC Steering Committee)
Nayan Shah (American Studies,and Ethnicity, and History)
Nomi Stolzenberg (Law, CLHC Co-Director, CLHC Steering Committee)
Gary Watson (Philosophy and Law, CLHC Steering Committee)
Diana Williams (History, CLHC Steering Committee)
Francille Wilson (American Studies and Ethnicity and History)
Charles Dickens
Frederick Douglass
Charles Dickens
Ethel & Julius Rosenberg
Frederick Douglass