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Columbia, USC & Georgetown
Law & Humanities Interdisciplinary Junior Scholar Workshop

Call for Papers

Columbia Law School, University of Southern California Center for Law, History & Culture, and Georgetown Law Center invite submissions for the inaugural session of the Law & Humanities Junior Scholar Workshop to be held at USC Law School on June 16-17, 2002. Future workshops will rotate between the three universities.


The Workshop's objectives are two-fold: i) to support young scholars doing interdisciplinary work in law and the humanities, and to encourage critical interdisciplinary work in legal studies by newer scholars; and ii) to create an ongoing set of conversations among more senior scholars about the nature of and challenges inherent in interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching. The Workshop will serve as a forum in which young scholars can develop and refine their work in conversation with more senior scholars. The hope is that discussion of works-in-progress by newer scholars will generate productive discussion about the current and future goals of scholarship in law, culture and the humanities, and promote an environment for building intellectual community among junior and senior scholars across disciplines.


Several junior scholars (in law: untenured professors; in the humanities: untenured professors, advanced graduate students or post-doc scholars) will be chosen to present papers at a June conference based on an anonymous evaluation of the submitted applications by an interdisciplinary selection committee. We hope to identify participants from a number of disciplines. At a conference, two senior scholars, drawn from a variety of disciplines, will comment on each paper. Commentators and other workshop participants will be asked to focus specifically on the strengths and weaknesses of the selected scholarly projects, with respect to subject and methodology. The hope is to convey to newer scholars beliefs about what constitutes excellence and creativity in interdisciplinary scholarship from a diverse cohort of senior scholars, while thinking critically about evolving standards and conventions that govern this scholarship.

Papers that have been submitted for publication are eligible for the Workshop, provided that the paper is not in galley proofs or in print at the time of the Workshop. The Workshop will pay the travel expenses of authors whose papers are selected for presentation.

CONVENERS: Ariela Gross, USC Law School; Katherine Franke, Columbia Law School; Naomi Mezey, Georgetown Law Center.

REFEREES include: Jack Balkin, Judith Butler, Katherine Franke, Howard Gillman, Sarah Barringer Gordon, Carole Greenhouse, Ariela Gross, David Luban, Annelise Riles, Nomi Stolzenberg, Kendall Thomas, Austin Sarat, Hilary Schor.

Submissions will be accepted until February 1, 2002, and should be sent (preferably by e-mail) to:

Center for the Study of Law and Culture
Columbia Law School

For more information: Jinah Paek, 212.854.2511