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CLEO Workshops 2000-2001
USC Gould School of Law

Fall 2000

  • September 11-15 - Henry Smith (Northwestern), Two Dimensions of Property Rights
  • September 18 - Iris Bohnet (Kennedy School of Government), More Order with Less Law: On Contract Enforcement, Trust and Crowding.
  • September 25 - Andrew Guzman (Berkeley Law School), Choice of Law: New Foundations.
  • October 2 - 6 - Vik Khanna (Boston Univ. Law School), Does Double Jeopardy Help Defendants?
  • October 16 - Jill Fisch (Fordham Law School), Are Legal Counsel Auctions a Winning Strategy?
  • October 23 - Dick Craswell (Stanford Law School), Two Economic Theories of Enforcing Promises.
  • October 30 - Mark Roe (Harvard Law School), Doubts About the Quality of Corporate Law Argument. Extended visitor: Oct. 30 - Nov. 1
  • November 6 - James Konow (Loyola Marymount Economics Dept.), Conditional versus Unconditional Altruism: Theory and Evidence.
  • November 13 - Oliver Williamson (UC Berkeley, Haas Business School), Why Law, Economics, and Organization?
  • November 20 - Holger Mueller (U Mannheim - Economics), Influence Costs and Hierarchy.
  • November 27 - Marcel Kahan (NYU), Individual and Collective Rights of Bondholders

Spring 2001

  • February 5 - Ian Ayres (Yale): One week visitor: February 5 - 9. A Dilution Mechanism for Valuing Corporations in Bankruptcy
  • February 12 - Bernie Black (Stanford) Does Corporate Governance Matter? A Crude Test Using Russian Data
  • February 23 - [At Business School, Hoffman Hall Room 200] Paul Milgrom (Stanford Economics Department, Visiting Harvard). Extended Visitor: February 23 - 26. Envelope Theorems for Arbitrary Choice Sets.
  • February 26 - [At Law School Room 7] Paul Milgrom (Stanford Economics Department, Visiting Harvard). Extended Visitor: February 23 - 26. Putting Auction Theory to Work: Ascending Auctions with Package Bidding.
  • March 12 - Meritt Fox (Univ. Michigan Law School): One week visitor: March 12 - 17. Civil Liability and Mandatory Disclosure
  • March 19 - Simon Wilkie (California Institute of Technology) Coasian Transfers: A Study of Games with Endogenous Side Payments (with Matt Jackson).
  • March 26 - Uriel Procaccia (Columbia Law School) One week visitor: March 26 - 30. The Constitution and the Endowment Effect
  • April 2 - Lars Stole (Chicago Business School) Monetizing Social Exchange (Main paper); Barter Relationships (Survey paper)
  • April 9 - Steven Croley (Michigan Law School) White House Oversight of Agency Rulemaking: An Empirical Investigation
  • April 16 - Margaret Slade (U. British Columbia - Economics) Mergers, Brand Competition, and the Price of a Pint
  • April 23 - Muhamet Yildiz (Stanford Business School) Bargaining over Risky Assets
  • April 30 - Joel Watson (UC San Diego - Economics) The Law and Economics of Costly Contracting and Recontracting

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