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CLEO Workshops 2001-2002

USC Gould School of Law

Summer 2001

  • June 4 - Gideon Parchomovsky (Fordham Law School), week-long visitor: June 4 - 7. Topic: Givings. (Click to download).
  • June 18 - Edward J. McCaffery (Law School). Topic: Is There a Gender Gap in Fiscal Political Preferences?
  • July 2 - Kevin J. Murphy (Marshall School of Business). Topic: Discretion in Executive Incentive Contracts: Theory and Evidence. (Click to download)
  • July 16 - Jan ZÃ bojnìk (Marshall School of Business). Topic: Entry Deterrence vs. Buyout in a Dynamic Model: An Investigation of a Merger Mystery (with Tony Marino). (Click to download)
  • July 30 - Eric Talley (Law School). Topic: A Defense of Shareholder Favoritism (with Stephen Choi). (Click to download)
  • Aug. 13 - Andrew J. Wistrich (Magistrate Judge, US District Court for the Central District of CA): Topic: "Judicial Susceptibility to Cognitive Illusions."

Fall 2001

  • September 10 - Phillip Leslie (UCLA Economics Department), Topic: The Effects of Disclosure Regulation: Evidence from Restaurants
  • September 17 - Jean-Jacques Laffont (Visiting USC Economics Department), Topic: Transaction Costs of Collusion and Organizational Design
  • September 24 - Janet Currie (UCLA Economics Department), Topic: Accidents Will Happen? Unintentional Childhood Injuries and Child Care Policy
  • October 1 - Enrico Moretti (UCLA Economics Department), Topic: The Effect of Education on Crime: Evidence from Prison Inmates, Arrests and Self Reports
  • October 8 - Susanne Lohmann (UCLA Department of Political Science), Topic: "The American University: Why it Works, Where it Fails, How to Change it"
  • October 15 - Eric Maskin (Institute for Advance Studies), One week visitor: October 15-19, Topic: The Politician and the Judge: Accountability in Government (with Jean Tirole)
  • October 22 - Daniel Kessler (Stanford Graduate School of Business), Topic: Detecting Medicare Abuse
  • October 29 - Ariel Rubinstein (Tel Aviv University (Visiting Princeton University)), Topic: Debates and Decisions, On a Rationale of Argumentation Rules (with J. Glazer).
  • November 5 - Avner Greif (Stanford Economics Department), Topic: On the History of the Institutional Foundations of Impersonal Exchange: From Communal to Individual Responsibility in Pre-modern Europe
  • November 12 -Philip Bond (Northwestern Economics Department), Topic: A Theory of Contractual Incompleteness Based on Judicial Agency
  • November 19 - Robert Ellickson (Yale Law School), Topic: The Law and Economics of the Household
  • November 26 - Orley Ashenfelter (Princeton University), One week visitor: November 26-30, Topic: Using Mandated Speed Limits to Measure the Value of a Statistical Life
  • December 3 - Jonathan Levin (Stanford Economics Department), Topic: A Theory of Partnerships (with Steve Tadelis)

Spring 2002

  • January 28 - Richard Brooks (Northwestern Law School), One week visitor:: January 28 - February 1, Topic: Broken Elevators in the Cathedral: The Burden of Determining Property Rules and Liability Rules
  • February 25 - Aaron Edlin (UC Berkeley Economics Department), Topic: Stopping Above-Cost Predatory Pricing
  • March 4 - Luis Cabral (New York Univ. Econ. Dept.), Joint with FBE Applied Microeconomics Workshop, Topic: Does Microsoft Stifle Innovation? Dominant Firms, Imitation, and Ramp;D Incentives (with Ben Polak)
  • March 18 - Colin Camerer (Caltech), Topic: Regulation for Conservatives: Behavioral Economics and the Case for "Asymmetric Paternalism" (with Sam Issacharoff, George Loewenstein, Ted O'Donoghue, and Matthew Rabin)
  • March 25 - Michael Muerer (Boston University School of Law), Topic: Sharing Copyright Works and Patented Technology
  • April 1 - Theodore Eisenberg (Cornell Law School), Topic: Explaining Death Row's Population and Racial Composition (graphs: Figure 1 and Figure 2)
  • April 8 - Amy Farmer (University of Arkansas Economics Department), Topic: "Does the Use of Final Offer Arbitration Impede Settlement?"
  • April 15 - John De Figueiredo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), One week visitor: April 15 - 19, Topic: Academic Earmarks and the Return to Lobbying
  • April 22 - Josh Lerner (Harvard University), Joint with FBE Applied Microeconomics Workshop, Topic: Links and Hyperlinks: An Empirical Analysis of Internet Portal Alliances (with Dan Elfenbein)
  • April 29 - David Schizer (Columbia University School of Law), Topic: Understanding Venture Capital Structure: A Tax Explanation for Convertible Preferred Stock (with Ron Gilson)
  • May 13 - Milt Harris (University of Chicago), Joint with FBE Applied Microeconomics Workshop, Topic: Allocation of Decision-Making Authority
  • May 20 - Bengt Holmstrom (MIT Economics Department), Joint with FBE Applied Microeconomics Workshop, Topic: Vision and Firm Scope (with Oliver Hart)

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