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CLEO Workshops 2002-2003

USC Gould School of Law

Summer 2002

  • July 9 - Gerd Muehlheuser (University of Bonn, Economics Department), six weeks CLEO Fellow June 20 - July 31, Topic: When Bidding More is Not Enough: All-Pay Auctions with Handicaps, (with Eberhanrd Feess and Markus Walzl)
  • July 24 - Emerson Tiller (University of Texas at Austin), two-weeks visitor July 15 - July 26, Topic: Internet Patents, Policy, and (maybe) Politics (with John R. Allison)
  • July 29 - Kate Litvak, eight weeks CLEO Fellow June 10 - August 9, Topic: Hard Budget Constraints and the Structure of Venture Funds
  • August 7 - Jacob Gersen (University of Chicago), two weeks visitor July 28 - August 9, Topic: Law, Economics, and Variance in Transition Economies

Fall 2002

  • August 26 - Mathew McCubbins (UC San Diego, Department of Political Science), Topic: "Agenda Power in the U.S. House of Representatives and Agenda Power in the U.S. Senate, 1877 to 1986"
  • September 9 - Jan Zabojnik (USC Marshall School of Business), Topic: "The Employment Contract as a Lottery"
  • September 17 - Jim Rossi (Univ. of North Carolina, School of Law), Topic: Revisiting the Filed Tariff Doctrine
  • September 23 - Stergios Skaperdas (UC Irvine, Department of Economics), Topic: Costly Enforcement of Property Rights and the Coase Theorem (with Alexander R.W. Robson)
  • September 30 - Ken Binmore (University College in London, Visiting Caltech), Topic: Evolution of Fairness Norms
  • October 7 - Patrick Francois (University of British Columbia, Department of Economics), Topic: Competing Non and For - Profit Firms
  • October 14 - Aaron Edlin (UC Berkeley, Department of Economics), Topic: "The Accident Externality from Driving"
  • October 21 - Evelyn Brody (Chicago - Kent College of Law), Topic: "The State Attorney General as Super Director: Parochialism and Paternalism in Charity Law Administration."
  • October 28 - Leeat Yariv (UCLA, Department of Economics), Topic: "Putting Your Ballot Where Your Mouth Is - An Analysis of Collective Choice with Communication"
  • November 4 - Sandra Black (UCLA, Department of Economics), Topic: Who Goes to College? - Differential Enrollment by Race and Family Background
  • November 11 - Ron Harris (Tel Aviv University), (co - sponsored by CLHC), One week visitor, Topic: "The Uses of History in Law and Economics".
  • November 18 - Michael Suk - Young Chwe (UCLA Department of Political Science), Topic: "Rationally Constructing the Dimensions of the Political Sphere"
  • November 25 - Russell Korobkin (UCLA Law School), Topic: "Bounded Rationality and Unconscionability: A Behavioral Theory of Policing Form Contracts"
  • December 2 - Daniel Friedman (UC Santa Cruz, Department of Economics), Topic: "Equilibrium Vengeance"

Spring 2003

  • February 3 - Christopher D. Stone (USC Law School), Topic: "Common But Differentiated Responsibilities A Legal, Economic and Ethical Critique"
  • February 10 - Jacob Goeree (Univ. of Amsterdam, Visiting Caltech), Topic: "Costly Voting with Correlated Preferences"
  • February 24 - Curtis Milhaupt (Columbia University, School of Law), Topic:"Nonprofit Organizations as Investor Protection: Theory and Evidence from Corporate Law Enforcement in East Asia"
  • March 3 - Jesse Fried (UC Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law), Topic: "The Case Against Share Repurchases"
  • March 5 - Jared Diamond (UCLA, Geography Department), Joint with the USC Center for Interdisciplinary Research, the Birnkrant Economic Development Seminar and CLHC, Topic: "Why are Some Countries Rich, and Others Poor?" (Flyer)
  • March 10 - Omri Ben - Shahar (Univ. of Michigan Law School), One week visitor, Topic: "Contracts without Consent: Exploring A New Basis for Contractual Liability."
  • March 24 - Jonathan Macey (Cornell Law School), Topic: "Regulatory Globalization as a Response to Regulatory Competition"
  • March 31 - William Sandholm (Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, Economics Department), Topic: "Cultural Integration and its Discontents" (with Timur Kuran)
  • April 7 - Joel Sobel (UC San Diego, Economics Department), Topic: "For Better or Forever: Formal versus Informal Enforcement"
  • April 14 - Leonardo Felli (Univ. of London, London School of Economics), Topic: "How to Sell a (Bankrupt) Company", with Francesca Cornelli (London Business School)
  • April 21 - Warren Schwartz (Georgetown University, Law School), Topic: "Can Suits With Negative Expected Value Really Be Profitable? : Defendants Can Play Games Too"
  • April 28 - Tracy Lewis (Duke University, Economics Department), Joint with FBE, Topic: tba.
  • May 5 - Preston McAfee (University of Texas, Austin, Economics Department), Joint with FBE, Topic: "Capacity Choice Counters the Coase Conjecture"

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