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CLEO Workshops 2003-2004

USC Gould School of Law

Summer 2003

  • July 24 - Samuel Fraidin and Michael Guttentag (USC Law School), Topic: "An Experimental Test of Interventions Intended to Reduce Fraudulent Group Behavior".

Fall 2003

  • August 25 - Paul Zak (Claremont Graduate University, Department of Economics) , Topic: "The Neurobiology of Trust"
  • September 8 - Andrei Shleifer (Harvard University, Department of Economics), Topic: "The New Comparative Economics" with Simeon Djankov, Edward Glaeser, Rafael La Porta, and Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes
  • September 15 - Philip Hoffman (California Institute of Technology), Topic: "What is Trust: Historical Evidence from Credit Markets in France"
  • September 22 - David Schkade (University of Texas, McCombs School of Bus, Department of Management), Topic: "Ideological Voting on Federal Courts of Appeals: A Preliminary Investigation", with Cass R. Sunstein and Lisa Michelle Ellman, Location: Room 7
  • September 29 - Steven Shavell (Harvard Law School), Topic: "On the Interpretation of Contracts"
  • October 13 - Anup Malani (Probable - joint with RAND) Topic: "Testing for Placebo Effects using Data from Medical Trials"
  • October 20 - Daniel Hamermesh (University of Texas at Austin, Economy Department), Topic: "The Economics of Beauty", (Based on papers available at: http://www.eco.utexas.edu/faculty/Hamermesh) - Postpone for later date
  • October 27 - Dan Kahan (Yale Law School), Topic: "The Logic of Reciprocity: A Theory of Collective Action and Law"
  • November 3 - Robert Frank (Cornell University), Topic: "Expenditure Cascades", Location: Room 7
  • November 10 - David Loughran (RAND Corporation, Institute for Civil Justice), Topic: "Deterring Fraud: The Role of General Damage Awards in Automobile Insurance Settlements"
  • November 17 - Robert Keohane (Duke University, Department of Political Science), Topic: "The Preventive Use of Force: A Cosmopolitan Institutional Proposal", with Allen Buchanan; Center of International Studies (co-organizer), Location: Room 7
  • November 24 - Marcel Boyer (CIRANO et University of Montreal), Topic: "Choosing Between Liability and Regulation in Terms of Social Welfare"
  • December 1 - Eric Posner (University of Chicago, Law School) - one week visitor, Topic: "A Theory of International Law" with Jack L. Goldsmith
  • December 8 - Ivo Welch (Yale University, School of Management) - one week visitor, Topic: "Who Should Pay for Bankruptcy Cost" with Arturo Bris and Alan Schwartz

Spring 2004

  • February 23 - W. Kip Viscusi (Harvard Law School) - Three day visitor, Topic: "Punitive Damages: How Judges and Juries Perform", with Joni Hersch
  • March 1 - Richard McAdams (University of Illinois College of Law), Topic: "Testing the Focal Point Theory of Legal Compliance: Expressive Influence in an Experimental Hawk/Dove Game"
  • March 8 - Gregory Clark (University of California, Davis, Dept. of Economics), Topic: "Can Institutions Shape Preferences? The Long Run Implications of Property Rights in the Malthusian Era"
  • March 12 (Friday) - W. Bentley MacLeod (USC), Joint with Faculty Workshop, Topic: "On the Efficiency and Enforcement of Standard Form Contracts: The Case of Construction", with Surajeet Chakravorty, Time: 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m., Location: USC Law School, Room 130
  • March 22 - Jonathan Katz (California Institute of Technology), Joint with CSLP, Topic: "A New Approach to Measuring the Racial Impact of Redistricting" joint work with Gary King (Department of Government, Harvard University) and Andrew Gelman (Department of Statistics, Columbia University).
  • March 29 - Jennifer Reinganum (Vanderbilt University, Department of Economics), Topic: "Secrecy and Safety", co-authored with Andrew F. Daughety
  • April 5 - Justin Wolfers (Stanford Graduate School of Business), Topic: "Effects of Unilateral Divorce Laws on Household Bargaining", (Paper2)
  • April 12 - Abhijit Banerjee (MIT Department of Economics): Joint workshop with Birnkrant Development Seminar, Topic: “History, Institutions and Economic Performance”
  • April 19 - Barbara Koremenos (UCLA, Department of Political Science), Topic: "International Law for an Uncertain Environment"
  • April 29 (Thursday) - Timothy Guinnane (Yale Department of Economics), Joint workshop with Birnkrant Development Seminar, Topic: "Diversification and Liquidity for Small Financial Institutions: German Credit Cooperatives in the 19th century" (No PAPER)
  • May 3 - Robert Scott (University of Virginia Law School), Topic: “Embedded Options and the Irrelevance of the Compensation Principle in Contract Remedies”

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