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CLEO Workshops 2004-2005
USC Gould School of Law

Fall 2004

  • August 30 - Linda Cohen (University of California, Irvine), Topic: "Patented Drugs, Generic Alternatives and Intellectual Property Regimes in the Developing Countries"
  • September 13 - John McMillan (University of Stanford, GSB), Topic: "How to Subvert Democracy: Montesinos in Peru," with Pablo Zoido
  • September 27 - Kathryn Zeiler (Georgetown University Law Center), Topic: "Common Law Disclosure Duties and the Sin of Omission: Testing the Meta-theories," (joint with Kimberly Krawiec)
  • October 11 - Judith Chevalier (Yale University), Joint with FBE Applied Economics Workshop, Topic: "How Do Consumers Make Durable Goods Purchase Decisions?"
  • October 25 - Edward Iacobucci (University of Toronto), Topic: "Revisiting the Law and Economics of Franchise Tying Contract"
  • November 8 - Kathryn Shaw (Stanford University, Graduate School of Business), Joint with FBE Applied Economics Workshop, Topic: "Connective Capital: Building Problem-solving Capacity Within Firms"
  • November 12 (Friday) - Marcel Boyer (University of Montreal), Joint with Economic Theory, Topic: "Real Options, Preemption, and the Dynamics of Industry Investments", with Pierre Lasserre, Thomas Mariotti and Michel Moreaux., Location: Kaprielian Hall, Room 319, Time: 12:00 - 1:20
  • November 22 - Ronen Avraham (Northwestern University), Topic: "Incomplete Contracts with Asymmetric Information: Exclusive v. Optional Remedies"
  • December 6 - Peter Huang (University of Minnesota Law School), Topic: "The Unexpected Value of Litigation: A Real Options Model of Litigation", with Joe Grundfest

Spring 2005

  • January 31 - Suzanne Scotchmer (University of California, Berkeley), Topic: "Digital Rights Management the Pricing of Digital Products" with Yooki Park
  • February 14 - Katharina Pistor (Columbia Law School), Topic: "Enforcement Failure under Incomplete Law: Theory and Evidence from Financial Market Regulation."
  • February 23 - Armin Falk (University of Bonn, Germany), Joint with Economic Theory, Topic: "Trust and the City", tba, Room
  • February 28 - Gillian Hadfield, (USC Law School), Topic: "The Many Legal Institutions that Support Contractual Commitments"
  • March 7 - Albert Yoon (Northwestern University), Topic: "Offer-of-Judgment Rules and Civil Litigation: An Empirical Study of Insurance-Based Disputes"
  • March 28 - Avner Grief (Stanford University), Topic: "Commitment, Coercion, and Markets: The Nature and Dynamics of Institutions Supporting Exchange"
  • April 11 - Michelle White (University of California, San Diego), Topic: "A General Model of Personal Bankruptcy: Insurance, Work Effort, Opportunism and the Efficiency of the 'Fresh Start'"
  • April 25 - Brett McDonnell (University of Minnesota Law School), Topic: "Delaware, Federalism, and the Expertise-Bias Tradeoff."
  • April 29 - Oliver Hart (Harvard University, Dept. of Economic), Joint with FBE Applied Economics and Economic Theory Workshops, Topic:Agreeing Now to Agree Later: Contracts that Rule Out but do not Rule In"
  • May 9 - Mark Lemley (Stanford University), Topic: "Probabilistic Patents"

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