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CLEO Workshops 2007-2008
Center for Law and Social Science (CLASS)

Fall 2007

  • August 27 - Michal Barzuza (University of Virginia Law School) Topic: "Lemon Signaling in Cross-Listing."
  • September 10 - Barry Weingart (Stanford University, Dept. of Political Science), Topic: "Self-Enforcing Constitutions: With an Application to Democratic Stability in America's First Century."
  • September 17 - Alexander "Sasha" Volokh (Georgetown University Law Center), Topic: "Choosing Interpretive Methods: A Positive Theory of Judges and Everyone Else." Room change! - Faculty Lounge, Room 433.
  • September 24 - Joanna Shepherd (Emory Law School), Topic: "Finger to the Wind: The Influence of Retention Politics on Judges' Decisions."
  • October 22 - Glynn Lunney (Tulane University Law School), Topic: "Copyright's Price Discrimination Panacea."
  • November 5 - Alessandro Lizzeri (NYU, Dept. of Economics), Topic: "Transparency and Economic Policy."
  • November 19 - Jenna Bednar (University of Michigan Dept. of Political Science, Hoover Institution at Stanford University), Topic: "Behavioral Spillovers with Interdependent Institutions: An Experimental Study."
  • December 3 - Ken Ayotte (Visiting Northwestern University School of Law), Topic: "Optimal Property Rights in Financial Contracting."
  • December 10 - Abraham Bell (Visiting Fordham Law School), Topic: "Private Takings."
  • December 17 - Bernard Black (University of Texas School of Law), Topic: "Defense Costs and Insurer Reserves in Medical Malpractice and Other Personal Injury Cases: Evidence from Texas, 1988-2004."

Spring 2008

  • January 14 - Joshua Fischman (Tufts University Dept. of Economics), Topic: "Decision-Making Under a Norm of Consensus: A Structural Analysis of Three-Judge Panels." Room change! - Faculty Lounge, Room 433.
  • February 4 - William Henderson (Indiana University School of Law), Topic: The Elastic Tournament: A Second Transformation of the Big Law Firm.
  • February 11 - James Spindler (USC Gould School of Law), Topic: "Are We Wrong About 10b-5? Insights from a Signaling Model of Fraud-on-the-Market."
  • February 25 - Anita Anand (University of Toronto, Faculty of Law), Topic: "An Empirical Examination of the Governance Choices of Income Trusts."
  • March 3 - Edward R. Morrison (Columbia Law School), Topic: "Creditor Control and Conflict in Chapter 11."
  • March 10 - Tom Ginsburg (University of Illinois, College of Law), Topic: "Guarding the Guardians: Judicial Councils and Judicial Independence"
  • March 31 - Josh Lerner (Harvard Business School), Topic: "Inducement Prizes and Innovation."
  • April 14 - Devah Pager (Princeton University, Dept. of Sociology), Topic: "Race at Work: A Field Experiment of Discrimination in Low-Wage Labor Markets"
  • April 21 - Henrik Lando (Copenhagen Business School), Topic: "On Contract, Ownership and Other Mechanisms for Allocating Goods over Time."
  • April 28 - Kevin Quinn (Harvard University Dept. of Government and The Institute for Quantitative Social Science), Topic: "Viewpoint Diversity and Media Consolidation: An Empirical Study of National Newspapers."

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