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CLEO Workshops 2009-2010
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Fall 2009

  • August 24 - Max Schanzenbach (Northwestern University School of Law), Topic: "Do Standards of Review Matter? The Case of Federal Criminal Sentencing."
  • August 31 - James Spindler (USC Gould School of Law), Topic: "Endogenous Compensation in a Firm with Disclosure and Moral Hazard."
  • September 14 - Bart Kosko (University of Southern California), Topic:"Fuzzy Logic: An Introduction."
  • September 21 - Ralph Winter (University of British Columbia), Topic: tba.
  • October 5 - Rajiv Sethi (Columbia University), Topic: "Homicide in Black and White."
  • October 19 - Jesse Fried (Harvard Law), Topic: tba.
  • October 26 - A. Mitchell Polinsky (Stanford Law School), Topic: "The Uneasy Case for Product Liability."
  • November 2 - Scott Baker (Washington University School of Law), Topic: "A Theory of Optimal Jurisprudence." (w/C. Mezzetti)
  • November 9 - Shmuel Leshem (University of Southern California), Topic: "Sequential versus Simultaneous Law Enforcements Games."
  • November 16 - Steven Tadelis (University of California Berkeley): Topic: tba.
  • November 23 - Harrison Cheng (University of Southern California ): Topic: tba.
  • November 30 - Naomi Lamoreaux (University of California, Los Angeles), Topic: "Beyond Monopoly: Patents, Inventors, and the Market for Technology in U.S. History."
  • December 7 - Ricardo Alonso (University of Southern California), Topic: "Organize to Compete."
  • December 14- Barak Richman (Duke University School of Law), Topic: "Mental Health Care Consumption and Outcomes: Considering Preventative Strategies Across Race and Class."

Spring 2010

  • January 25 - Speaker: Nicholas Weller (University of Southern California), Topic: "Good Edge, Bad Edge: Connectivity, Constraint and Coordination in Networks."
  • February 1 - Antoinette Schoar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Topic: "Judge Specific Differences in Chapter 11 and Firm Outcomes."
  • February 22- Anthony Marino (University of Southern California), Topic: "Aggressive versus Deferential Enforcement of the Single Subject Rule on Initiatives."
  • March 1 - Shane Greenstein (Northwestern University), Topic: "Glimmers and Signs of Innovative Health in the Commercial Internet."
  • March 8 -Speaker: Peter Rosendorff (New York University), Topic: "Why Do Authoritarian Regimes Sign the Convention Against Torture? Signaling, Domestic Politics and Non-compliance."
  • March 29 - Pedro Matos (University of Southern California), Topic: "Does Governance Travel Around the World? Evidence from Institutional Investors."
  • April 5 -George Triantis (Harvard University), Topic: "The Evolution of Contract Remedies (and why do contracts professors teach remedies first?)."
  • April 12 -Ted Sichelman (UC Berkeley), Topic: "Quantum Game Theory and Cooperation in Intellectual Property."
  • April 26 -Kyle Mayer (University of Southern California), Topic: "Distance & Contract Design: Inter-firm and Intra-firm Effects."
  • May 3 -Heikki Rantakari (University of Southern California), Topic: "Employee Initiative and Managerial Control."

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