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CLEO Workshops 2011-2012

USC Gould School of Law

Fall 2011

  • August 22 -  Eric Helland (Claremont McKenna University), Topic: "How Much Should Judges be Paid?  An Empirical Study on the Effect of Judicial Pay," with James Anderson.
  • August 29 - Jonathan Masur (University of Chicago), Topic:  "Patent Inflation."
  • September 19 - Kathryn Zeiler (Georgetown University), Topic:  "Are Medical Malpractice Damages Cap Study Results Method-Dependent?"
  • October 3 - Benjamin Hermalin (University of California, Berkeley),  Topic: "The Welfare Consequences of Legal System Improvement."
  • October 10 - Justin Wolfers (University of Pennsylvania), Topic: "Forecasting Elections: Voter Intentions versus Expectations."
  • October 17 - William Hubbard (University of Chicago), Topic:   "The Problem of Measuring Legal Change, with Application to Bell Atlantic v. Twombly"
  • October 31 - Yehonatan Givati (Harvard Law School), Topic: "The Optimal Structure of Tax Policymaking: Rulemaking, Adjudication, Advance Ruling and Licensing ."
  • November 14 - Frank Partnoy (University of San Diego), Topic: "Disclosure Strategies and Shareholder Litigation Risk: Evidence from earnings restatements."
  • November 28 - Gary Charness (University of California, Santa Barbara),  Topic: "How Communication Affects Flexibility:  An Experimental Study of Formal and Informal Contracting."

Spring 2012

  • January 9 - Abraham Wickelgren (University of Texas), Topic: "Admissible Third Party Litigation Funding Contracts as a Way to Constrain the Exploitation of Plaintiffs." with Ronen Avraham.
  • January 23 - Richard Epstein (New York University),  Topic: "The Constitutional Paradox of the Durbin Amendment: How Monopolies are Offered Constitutional Protections Denied To Competitive Firms."
  • February 6 - Vikramaditya Khanna (University of Michigan Law School), Topic: "CEO Connectedness within Executive Suites and Corporate Frauds."
  • February 27 - Andrew Daughety & Jennifer Reinganum (Vanderbilt University), Topic: "Divided Responsibilities and Resilient Policy Regimes: Imperfect Competition and Products Liability When Harm is Cumulative."
  • March 5 - Giuseppe Dari-Mattiaci (University of Amsterdam, Visiting Professor at University of Chicago), Topic: "The Good-Faith Purchaser: Markets, Culture, and the Legal System."
  • March 19 - Zorina Khan (Bowdoin College), Topic: "Promoting the Useful Arts: Technological Innovation Outside the Patent System, 1790-1890."
  • April 2 - Ronald Mann (Columbia Law School), Topic: "Patent Examiners and Patent Quality."

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