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1994-1999 USC Legal Studies Working Paper Series
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1994-1999 USC Legal Studies Working Paper Series


  • 99-1 Howard F. Chang and Hilary Sigman, Incentives to Settle Under Joint and Several Liability: An Empirical Analysis of Superfund Litigation (forthcoming in 29 Journal of Legal Studies (January 2000)).
  • 99-2 Mary L. Dudziak, The March on Washington, At Home and Abroad.
  • 99-3 Pamela M. Kato, Thomas D. Lyon, John Flavell, Raquel S. Klibanoff, Robin Higashi, and Lynne C. Huffman, Preschoolers' Moral Judgments About Illness and Treatment: Who's Bad?
  • 99-4 Thomas D. Lyon, Child Witnesses and the Oath: Empirical Evidence (forthcoming in So. Cal. Law Rev. (2000)).
  • 99-5 Paul Mahoney and Mark Weinstein, The Appraisal Remedy and Merger Premiums, 1 Am. L. Econ. Rev. 239 (1999).
  • 99-6 Eric Talley, Precedential Cascades: An Appraisal, 73 So. Cal. L. Rev. 87 (1999).
  • 99-7 Eric Talley, Taking the "I" Out of "Team": Intra-Firm Monitoring and the Content of Fiduciary Duties, 24 J. Corp. Law 1001 (1999).
  • 99-8 Antonio Bernardo, Eric Talley, and Ivo Welch, A Theory of Legal Presumptions, 16 J. Law, Econ. & Org. 1 (2000).
  • 99-9 Antonio Bernardo and Eric Talley, A Note on Presumptions with Sequential Litigation.
  • 99-10 W. Bentley MacLeod and Daniel Parent, Job Characteristics and the Form of Compensation.
  • 99-11 R. Michael Alvarez and Edward J. McCaffery, Gender and Tax (forthcoming in Gender and Politics, Jyl Josephson and Susan Tolleson-Rinehart eds.).
  • 99-12 Daniel Klerman, Settlement and the Decline of Private Prosecution in Thirteenth-Century England, (forthcoming, 19 Law and History Review 1 (2001)).
  • 99-13 George Lefcoe, Mortgage Prepayment by Defeasance.
  • 99-14 Edward J. McCaffery, The Burdens of Benefits (forthcoming in the Villanova Law Review).
  • 99-15 Edward J. McCaffery, A Life Estate Conception of Property.
  • 99-16 Edward J. McCaffery, The Missing Links in Tax Reform (forthcoming in the Chapman Law Review).
  • 99-17 Alexander M. Capron, Genetics and Insurance: Accessing and Using Private Information, 17 Social Philosophy and Policy Foundation 235 (Summer 2000).
  • 99-18 Alexander Morgan Capron, Social Science, Bioethics, and the Law: What Contributions to Policy Development? 128 Daedalus (Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences) 295 (Fall 1999).
  • 99-19 Lorne Carmichael and W. Bentley MacLeod, Caring About Sunk Costs: A Behavioral Solution to Hold-up Problems with Small Stakes.
  • 99-20 David B. Cruz, "The Sexual Freedom Cases"? Contraception, Abortion, Abstinence, and the Constitution. (A revised version of this paper is forthcoming in 35 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, No. 2, Summer 2000).
  • 99-21 Gregory C. Keating, Fairness and Two Fundamental Questions in the Tort Law of Accidents.
  • 99-22 Kevin Davis, Self-Interest and Altruism in the Deterrence of Transnational Bribery.
  • 99-23 Thomas D. Lyon, Expert Testimony on the Suggestibility of Children: Does it Fit? (forthcoming in B.L. Bottoms, M.B. Kovera & B.D. McAuliff (eds.), Children and the Law: Social Science and Policy (New York: Cambridge)).
  • 99-24 Thomas D. Lyon, Questioning Children: The Effects of Suggestive and Repeated Questioning (forthcoming in J. Conte (ed.)., Suggestibility of Children and Adults (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage)).
  • 99-25 Thomas D. Lyon, Karen J. Saywitz, Debra L. Kaplan, and Joyce S. Dorado, Reducing Maltreated Children's Reluctance to Answer Hypothetical Oath Taking Competence Questions. (Revised version of Olin Working Paper No. 98-9). (Forthcoming in Law & Human Behavior).


  • 98-1 Cindy Alexander, Jennifer Arlen and Mark Cohen, Regulating Corporate Criminal Sanctions: Evidence on the Effect of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, 42 Journal of Law & Economics 271 (1999).
  • 98-2 Jennifer Arlen, Economic Analysis of Tort Damages: A Survey (forthcoming in the Encyclopedia of Law and Economics).
  • 98-3 Howard F. Chang, Migration as International Trade: The Economic Gains from the Liberalized Movement of Labor, 3 UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs 371 (Fall/Winter 1998-99).
  • 98-4 Mary L. Dudziak, Birmingham, Addis Ababa and the Image of America: Managing the Impact of Foreign Affairs on Civil Rights in the Kennedy Administration (forthcoming in Brenda Gayle Plummer, ed., America's Dilemma, University of North Carolina Press).
  • 98-5 Ariela J. Gross, Litigating Whiteness: Trials of Racial Determination in the Nineteenth Century South (forthcoming in 108 Yale Law Journal (1998)).
  • 98-6 James R. Hackney, Jr., Law and Neoclassical Economics Theory: Structure, Development, Dissolution and Resolution(?).
  • 98-7 Daniel Klerman, Private Prosecution of Crime in Thirteenth-Century England: The Importance of Settlement and Female Prosecutors.
  • 98-8 Michael S. Knoll, Tax Planning, Effective Tax Rates and the Structure of the Income Tax.
  • 98-9 Thomas D. Lyon and Karen J. Saywitz, Young Maltreated Children's Competence to Take the Oath, 3 Applied Developmental Science 16 (1999).
  • 98-10 Thomas D. Lyon, The New Wave in Children's Suggestibility Research: A Critique, 84 Cornell Law Review 1004 (1999).
  • 98-11 Eric L. Talley, A Model of Hierarchical Judicial Auditing.
  • 98-12 Charles D. Weisselberg, Saving Miranda (forthcoming in 84 Cornell L. Rev. (1998)).
  • 98-13 Scott Altman, A Theory of Child Support.
  • 98-14 Jennifer Arlen, Comment: The Future of Behavioral Economic Analysis of Law (forthcoming in Vanderbilt Law Review, Symposium issue (1998)).
  • 98-15 Susan Athey, Kyle Bagwell, and Chris William Sanchirico, Collusion and Price Rigidity.
  • 98-16 Michael S. Knoll, Hedging in an Economy with Asymmetric Taxes: A Comment on Moshe Ayre Milevsky & Eliezer Z. Prisman, Hedging and Pricing with Tax Uncertainty: Managing Under an Arkansas Best Doctrine (forthcoming in the Annual Proceedings of the Chicago Board of Trade).
  • 98-17 Nancy S. Marder, The Myth of the Nullifying Jury (forthcoming in 93 Northwestern Law Review).
  • 98-18 Alexander S. P. Pfaff and Chris William Sanchirico, Environmental Self-Auditing: Setting the Proper Incentives for Discovering and Correcting Environmental Harm.
  • 98-19 Chris William Sanchirico, Enforcement by Hearing: An Integrated Model of Evidence Production.
  • 98-20 Chris William Sanchirico, Games, Information and Evidence Production: With Application to Legal History and "Decoupling."
  • 98-21 Chris William Sanchirico, Taxes Versus Legal Rules as Instruments for Equity: A More Equitable View.
  • 98-22 Matt Spitzer and Eric Talley, Judicial Auditing, 29 J. Legal Stud. 649 (2000).


  • 97-1 Scott Altman, Should Child Custody Rules be Fair?, 35 U. of Louisville J. of Family Law 325 (1997).
  • 97-2 Jennifer Arlen, Corporate Crime and Its Control, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law, Peter Newman (ed.), Vol. 1, p. 492 (1998)
  • 97-3 Michael S. Knoll, Products Liability and Legal Leverage: The Perverse Effects of Stiff Penalties, 45 UCLA Law Review 99 (1997).
  • 97-4 Paul G. Mahoney, Contract Remedies: A Survey and Critique (forthcoming in the Encyclopedia of Law and Economics).
  • 97-5 Paul G. Mahoney, The Stock Pools and the Securities Exchange Act, 51 J. Fin. Econ. 343 (1999).
  • 97-6 Jennifer Arlen and Reinier Kraakman, Controlling Corporate Misconduct: An Analysis of Corporate Liability Regimes, 72 NYU Law Review 687 (1997).
  • 97-7 Lucian Arye Bebchuk and Howard F. Chang, The Effect of Offer-of-Settlement Rules on the Terms of Settlement (forthcoming in 28 Journal of Legal Studies 489 (June 1999)).
  • 97-8 Linda S. Beres and Thomas D. Griffith, Do "Three Strikes" Laws Make Sense? Habitual Offender Statutes and Criminal Incapacitation (forthcoming in the Georgetown Law Journal).
  • 97-9 Thomas D. Lyon, Scientific Support for Expert Testimony on Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome (forthcoming in Jon Conte, ed., The Knowns and Unknowns of Child Sexual Abuse).
  • 97-10 Judith Resnik, Changing Practices, Changing Rules: Judicial and Congressional Rulemaking and Civil Juries, Civil Justice, and Civil Judging, Alabama Law Review (forthcoming 1998).
  • 97-11 Matthew L. Spitzer, The Economics of Freedom of Expression (forthcoming in the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law).
  • 97-12 Christopher D. Stone, Too Many Fishing Boats, Too Few Fish: Can Trade Laws Trim Subsidies and Restore the Balance in Global Fisheries? 24 Ecology Law Quarterly 505 (1997).
  • 97-13 Eric Talley, Interdisciplinary Gap-Filling: A Review of Game Theory and the Law, J. of Law and Social Inquiry (forthcoming 1997).
  • 97-14 H. Lorne Carmichael and W. Bentley MacLeod, Fair Territory: Preferences, Bargaining, and the Endowment Effect.
  • 97-15 Ronald A. Cass, Richard D. Boltuck, Seth T. Kaplan and Michael S. Knoll, Antidumping.
  • 97-16 Mary L. Dudziak, The Little Rock Crisis and Foreign Affairs: Race, Resistance and the Image of American Democracy, 70 Southern California Law Review 1641 (1997).
  • 97-17 Michael S. Knoll, Financial Innovation, Tax Arbitrage, and Retrospective Taxation: The Problem with Passive Government Lending.
  • 97-18 Michael S. Knoll, The Principle of Marginal Deterrence in Torts: The Potentially Perverse Effects of Stiffer Tort Penalties and Higher Taxes.
  • 97-19 George Lefcoe, How Buyers and Sellers of Development Land Deal with Regulatory Risk.
  • 97-20 Thomas D. Lyon, Are Battered Women Bad Mothers? Rethinking the Termination of Abused Women's Parental Rights for Failure to Protect,in H. Dubowitz, ed., Neglected Children: Research, Practice and Policy (Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 1999, Chapter 12, pp. 237-260).
  • 97-21 Thomas D. Lyon and Jonathan J. Koehler, Where Researchers Fear to Tread: Interpretive Differences Among Testifying Experts in Child Sexual Abuse Cases, in S. Ceci and H. Hembrooke, eds., What Can (and Should) Be Said in Court: Expert Witnesses in Child Abuse Cases (American Psychological Association: Washington, DC, 1998, Chapter 13, pp. 249-263).
  • 97-22 W. Bentley MacLeod, Complexity, Contract and the Employment Relationship.
  • 97-23 W. Bentley MacLeod and James M. Malcomson, Motivation and Markets.
  • 97-24 Eric L. Talley, Turning Servile Opportunities to Gold: A Strategic Analysis of the Corporate Opportunities Doctrine (forthcoming in 108 Yale Law Journal (1998)).


  • 96-1 Antonio E. Bernardo and Eric L. Talley, Investment Policy and Exit-Exchange Offers Within Financially Distressed Firms, 51 J. Finance 871 (1996).
  • 96-2 Howard F. Chang, Carrots, Sticks, and International Externalities, 17 Int'l Rev. of Law & Econ. 309 (1997).
  • 96-3 Howard F. Chang, Liberalized Immigration as Free Trade: Economic Welfare and the Optimal Immigration Policy, 145 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1147 (1997).
  • 96-4 Erwin Chemerinsky & Catherine Fisk, The Filibuster, 49 Stanford L. Rev. 181 (1997).
  • 96-5 Susanne Lohmann and Hugo Hopenhayn, Delegation and the Regulation of Risk (forthcoming in Games and Economic Behavior).
  • 96-6 Michael S. Knoll, Products Liability and Legal Leverage: The Perverse Effects of Stiff Penalties, 45 UCLA Law Review 99 (1997).
  • 96-7 Susanne Lohmann, Demosclerosis, or Special Interests 'R' Us: An Informational Rationale for Political Gridlock, in Michelle R. Garfinkel and Stergios Skaperdas, eds., The Political Economy of Conflict and Appropriation (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996, Chapter 7, pp. 119-130).
  • 96-8 Susanne Lohmann, Electoral Incentives, Informational Asymmetries, and the Policy Bias Toward Special Interests.
  • 96-9 Susanne Lohmann, Federalism and Central Bank Autonomy: The Politics of German Monetary Policy, 1957-1992 (forthcoming in 51 World Politics, April 1998).
  • 96-10 Thomas D. Lyon & Jonathan J. Koehler, The Relevance Ratio: Evaluating the Probative Value of Expert Testimony in Child Sexual Abuse Cases, 82 Cornell L. Rev. 43 (1996).


  • 95-1 Ron Garet, Deposing Finnis, 4 So. Cal. Interdisciplinary L. J. 605 (1995).
  • 95-2 Michael S. Knoll, An Accretion Corporate Income Tax, 49 Stanford L. Rev. 1 (1996).
  • 95-3 Michael S. Knoll, A Primer on Prejudgment Interest, 75 Texas L. Rev. 293 (1996).
  • 95-4 Mark Weinstein, Profit Sharing Contracts in Hollywood: Evolution and Analysis, 27 J. of Legal Studies 23 (1998).


  • 94-1 Scott Altman, Lurking in the Shadow, 68 So. Cal. L. Rev. 493 (1995).
  • 94-2 Jennifer Arlen and Deborah Weiss, A Political Theory of Corporate Taxation, 105 Yale L.J. 325 (1995).
  • 94-3 Lucian Arye Bebchuk and Howard F. Chang, An Analysis of Fee-Shifting Based on the Margin of Victory: On Frivolous Suits, Meritorious Suits, and the Role of Rule 11, 25 J. of Legal Studies 371 (1996).
  • 94-4 Howard F. Chang, An Economic Analysis of Trade Measures to Protect the Global Environment, 83 Georgetown Law J. 2131 (1995).
  • 94-5 Howard F. Chang, Patent Scope, Antitrust Policy, and Cumulative Innovation, 26 RAND J. of Econ. 34 (1995).
  • 94-6 Erwin Chemerinsky, The Fifty-Fifth Cleveland-Marshall Fund Lecture: When the Government Must Make Content-Based Choices, 42 Cleve. St. L. Rev. 199 (1994).
  • 94-7 Erwin Chemerinsky, The Values of Federalism, Florida L. Rev. (forthcoming).
  • 94-8 Jeffrey A. Dubin and Matthew L. Spitzer, Testing Minority Preferences in Broadcasting, 68 So. Cal. L. Rev. 841 (1995).
  • 94-9 Ronald R. Garet, Gnostic Due Process, 7 Yale J. Law & Humanities 97 (1995).
  • 94-10 Gregory Keating, Reasonableness and Rationality in Tort Theory, 48 Stanford L.Rev. 501 (1996).
  • 94-11 Michael S. Knoll, A Primer on Prejudgment Interest, 75 Texas L. Rev. 293 (1996).
  • 94-12 Michael S. Knoll, Put-Call Parity and the Development of the Modern Mortgage.
  • 94-13 Michael S. Knoll, Socially Responsible Investment and Modern Financial Markets.
  • 94-14 Elyn R. Saks, from Interpreting Interpretation: The Limits of Hermeneutic Psychoanalysis (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1999).
  • 94-15 Pablo Spiller and Matthew L. Spitzer, Where is the Sin in Sincere? Sophisticated Manipulation of Sincere Judicial Voters (with applications to other voting environments), 11 J. Law, Econ. & Organ. 32 (1995).
  • 94-16 Christopher D. Stone, What to Do About Biodiversity: Property Rights, Public Goods and the Earth's Biological Riches, 68 So. Cal. L. Rev. 577 (1995).
  • 94-17 Charles D. Weisselberg, The Exclusion and Detention of Aliens: Lessons From the Lives of Ellen Knauff and Ignatz Mezei, 143 Univ. Penn. L. Rev. 933 (1995).


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