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CLASS Workshops
Center for Law and Social Science (CLASS)

Location: USC Gould School of Law, Faculty Lounge, Room 433 (unless otherwise stated)
Time: 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. (Lunch served at 11:50 a.m.; Talk begins promptly at 12:00 p.m.)
Day: Mondays

Hard copies of all CLASS papers are available in room 461.
Online copies can be downloaded by clicking the title of the paper below as they become available. When not available for download, copies will be emailed to members of the CLASS email list. To join the list, please click here.

(Please note that some topics are to be announced)

Fall 2019

  • August 26 - Darius Palia (Rutgers)

    Title: “Are M&A Contract Clauses Value Relevant to Bidder and Target Shareholders?”
    Download: Palia Paper

  • September 09 - David Wilson (University of Delaware)

    Title: "Racial Double Standards: Implications for Voting and Elections"
    *Jointly sponsored by Social Psychology Brown Bag Series

  • September 16 - Ofer Eldar (Duke University)

    Title: “Federal Forum Provisions and the Internal Affairs Doctrine.”

  • September 23 - Tom Lyon (USC)

    Title: "The Effects of the Putative Confession and Evidence Presentation on Maltreated and Non-Maltreated 9- to 12-year-olds’ Coached Concealment of a Minor Transgression"
    *Jointly sponsored by Social Psychology Brown Bag Series

  • October 07 - Sarath Sanga (Northwestern School of Law)

    Title: Joint Faculty Workshop/CLASS Workshop
    "Joint Faculty Workshop & CLASS Workshop

  • October 14 - Rodney Ramcharan (USC Marshall)

    Title: “Shifting Risks while Risking Fire Sales: How European Banks Adjust their Bond Portfolios in Response to Solvency Shocks”

  • October 21 - Jed Stilglitz (Cornell Law School)

    Title: “The Reasoning State”
    Faculty Recruitment Job Talk

  • October 28 - Erik Hovenkamp - (USC Law)

    Title: “Startup Acquisitions, Error Costs, and Antitrust Policy”

  • November 04 - Allison Earl ( University of Michigan)

    Title: “Racial Disparities in Attention to Health Information: Causes and Consequences for Intervention”
    *Jointly sponsored by Social Psychology Brown Bag Series

  • November 11 - Angela Zhang (Hong Kong University)

    Title: "Crowd-Judging"

  • November 18 - Christoph Engel (Max Planck Institute)

    Title: “Justice is in the Eyes of the Beholder: Eye Tracking Evidence on Balancing Normative Concerns in Torts Cases”
    *Jointly sponsored by Social Psychology Brown Bag Series

  • November 25 - Jordan Barry (University San Diego)

    Title: “Collusion in Syndicated Markets”

  • December 02 - Matt Shaffer (USC Marshall)

    Title: “Truth and Bias in M&A Target Fairness Valuations: Appraising the Appraisals”

Spring 2020

  • January 13 - Alex Lee (Northwestern, formerly USC)

    Title: "TBA"

  • February 03 - Adriana Robertson (Toronto)

    Title: "TBA"

  • February 10 - Jessica Erickson (University of Richmond)

    Title: "Arbitrating Corporate Fraud"

  • February 24 - Kimberly Clausing (Reed College)

    Title: "TBA"

  • March 09 - Jesse Fried (Harvard University)

    Title: "TBA"

  • March 23 - Jon Gould (American University)

    Title: "TBA"

  • April 06 - Chris Whytock (UCI)

    Title: "TBA"

  • April 20 - Arie Kruglanski (University of Maryland)

    Title: “The Call of the Wild: How Extremism Happens”
    *Jointly sponsored by Social Psychology Brown Bag Series

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