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Leslie Ridgeway • July 11, 2022
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USC Gould philanthropy initiative offers opportunity to champion law students through need-based scholarships

Barbara Danz (JD1992) and husband Tad’s contribution helped establish a $100,000 core endowment for need-based scholarships.

When Barbara Danz (JD 1992) and her husband Tad recently contributed the final $25,000 needed to establish an $100,000 core endowment at USC Gould School of Law for need-based scholarships, her motivation was simple and straightforward.

“My USC Gould education contributed immensely to my success,” said Danz, who came to USC Gould after a successful career in consulting. “I support scholarships because I want to ensure that future generations have the same opportunities that I did.”

Danz’ contribution joined a $50,000 gift from an anonymous faculty member, along with $25,000 from Tamerlin Godley (JD 1996), partner at Paul Hastings LLP, and her husband Tim, all of whom understood the benefit in helping talented law students pursue their careers without the looming pressure of debt.

The establishment of the need-based scholarship endowment, accompanies a push to raise annual/current use need-based scholarship funding for our incoming Fall 2022 1L class. For the last decade, all scholarships have been merit-based. This year, the introduction of a need-based component to financial aid supplements the core merit-based funds that 97% of our students receive, and is entirely dependent on philanthropy from our alumni and friends.

“The more merit and need-based scholarship we can provide, the more students will have the opportunity to choose their desired area of law without concerns about salary,” says Dean Andrew Guzman. “Our Access and Excellence Initiative gives our students access to a top-ranked legal education which will make their chosen area of law accessible as well. We hope our alumni see the same value in this approach that we do and will give to this initiative.”

Tamerlin Godley (JD 1996, above right) and her husband Tim contributed to a $100,000 core endowment for need-based scholarships.

Supporting current use need-based scholarships is a matter of ensuring that a diverse group of students has the chance to thrive in the legal profession. For Karen Bedrosian Coyne (JD 1995), CFO of Karisma Foundation and COO of the Bedrosian Trust, supporting current use need-based scholarships is a matter of ensuring that a diverse group of students has the chance to thrive in the legal profession.

“Students who have the drive to work the hardest, achieve the most, and distinguish themselves from among their peers deserve every opportunity to pursue their academic and professional goals,” Coyne says. “Helping to level the financial playing field and reducing the financial barriers to education are the least I can do to help ensure that the highest caliber students join the ranks as graduates of USC Gould. “

“While law school certainly is an expensive endeavor, it is one that represents an investment in the future, and an investment that will yield dividends over a lifetime,” says David Kirschner, associate dean of admissions and financial aid. “We are thrilled to be able to offer need-based scholarships so that the investment in oneself is more attainable for those with the least financial resources to afford it.”

In fall 2022, USC Gould Admissions is hoping to provide need-based scholarships to 20 percent of the incoming class need-based scholarships, with a goal of raising enough funds for these scholarships to support every incoming class going forward. Every scholarship given is guaranteed for each student’s three years at Gould.

“[We] are honored to support these important scholarships,” Godley says. “My USC law degree has given me access and opportunities I could never have imagined.  The scholarship I received when I was in law school made a world of difference.  We are pleased to be a part of helping others in this exciting way.”

For information on supporting USC Gould law students by giving toward current use need-based scholarship funding or by adding to the need-based scholarship endowment, please contact the Development Office at (213) 821-3560 or give online at

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