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Small Business Clinic

There is a waiting list to become a Small Business Clinic client. It may take several weeks for the SBC to respond to applications submissions.

This application form will be submitted directly to the Small Business Clinic (SBC). The form enables the SBC to make an initial evaluation of potential clients. Please provide as much information about your business as possible. If there are any sections of the application that do not apply to your business, just put "N/A.” If your application is accepted, the SBC will contact you to schedule a time for a more formal intake interview. The SBC does not respond to every application. Many legal matters are time sensitive, and we urge you to seek legal counsel for any matter that is or might be time sensitive.

The SBC handles matters that are limited in scope and are usually limited to assistance with the evaluation, structure and formation of business entities (such as LLCs and corporations) and nonprofit organizations and the drafting of basic contracts. The SBC does not substitute for legal counsel providing comprehensive advice to an organization, and we encourage all of our clients to seek legal assistance for the issues that are bound to arise beyond the limited services offered by the SBC. The SBC is designed to give small organizations a “boost.” We typically undertake a limited project and are not involved with a client following the completion of that project.

Thank you for your interest!

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