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CLEO Workshops 2014-2015

USC Gould School of Law

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Fall 2014

  • August 25- Mila Versteeg (University of Virginia School of Law), Topic: "Do Constitutional Rights Make a Difference?" Co-authored by Adam Chilton
  • September 8 - Gillian Hadfield (USC), Topic: "Markets for Laws"
  • September 15 -  Christopher Robertson (University of Arizona College of Law), Topic: "Randomized Experimentation as an Unbiased and Transparent Method for Harmless Error Analysis"
  • September 22 - Itiel Dror (University College in London), Topic: "Experts in the Courtroom: Problems and Suggested Solutions"
  • September 29 - Cecilia Menjivar (Arizona State University), Topic: "The Transformative Effects of Immigration Law"
  • October 13 - Maya Sen (Harvard), Topic: "The Political Legacy of American Slavery" Jointly sponsored by CLASS and SCELS Workshops
  • October 20 - Carolyn Sissoko (USC), Topic: "The Plight of Modern Markets: How Universal Banking Undermines Capital Markets"
  • October 27 - Stephen Choi (NYU School of Law) & Mitu Gulati (Duke University School of Law), Topic: "From Pigs to Hogs"  Jointly sponsored by CLASS and SCELS Workshops
  • November 3 - Jennifer Arlen (NYU School of Law), Topic: "Does the Endowment Effect Justify Legal Intervention? The Debiasing Effect of Institutions"
  • November 10-Yun-chien Chang (Institutum Iurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica), Topic: "Pain and Suffering damages in Personal Injury Cases: An Empirical Study" Co-authored with Theodore Eisenberg, Tsung Hsien Li, Martin T. Wells  Jointly sponsored by CLASS and SCELS Workshops
  • November 17-Sam Erman (USC), Topic: "Constitutional Storm Rising: U.S. Expansion Resumes, 1898-1900"
  • November 24 - Eric Helland (Claremont McKenna),Topic: "Estimating Effects of English Rule on Litigation Outcomes" Co-authored by Jungmo Yoon
  • December 1 - Eric Talley (UC Berkeley School of Law), Topic: "Corporate Inversions and the Unbundling of Regulatory Competition"

Spring 2015

  • January 12 - Emily Ryo (USC Gould School of Law & Philosophy), Topic: "Expressive Functions of Immigration Law: Do Immigration Laws Shape Our Attitudes Toward Latinos?"
  • January 26 - Brian Broughman (Indiana University/ Visiting Professor Spring 2015), Topic:"After the Override: an Empirical Analysis of Shadow Precedent" Jointly sponsored by CLASS and SCELS Workshops
  • February 2- Emilie Hafner-Burton (University of California, San Diego), Topic:"Predictability Versus Flexibility: Secrecy in International Investment Arbitration" Sponsored by CLASS, SCELS Workshops and the School of International Relations
  • February 9- Noel Johnston (Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford), Topic: "How Taking from Foreigners Affects Domestic Human Rights" Jointly sponsored by SCELS Workshops and the Center of International Studies
  • March 2 - Saule Omarova (Cornell University Law School), Topic: "Rethinking the Public-Private Divide in Finance"
  • March 9 - Alison Morantz (Stanford Law School), Topic: "Which Injuries Go Unreported to Worker Protection Agencies, and Why"
  • March 30 - Douglas Spencer (University of Connecticut), Topic: "Administering Section 2 of the VRA After Shelby County"
  • April 6- Eric Allen (USC Marshall School of Business), Topic: "Tax Savings for U.S.- Headquartered, Non-U.S. Incorporated Multinational Firms" Jointly sponsored by CLASS and SCELS Workshops
  • April 13 - Jonathan Macey (Yale Law School), Topic: "Vertical and Horizontal Problems in Financial Regulation and Corporate Governance” Co-authored by Maureen O’Hara (Cornell)
  • April 27 - Damon Centola (University of Pennsylvania), Topic:"The Spontaneous Emergence of Conventions: An Experimental Study of Cultural Evolution" Jointly sponsored by CLASS and SCELS Workshops
  • May 4 - Cindy Alexander (Securities and Exchange Commission), Topic: "The Evolution of Corporate Criminal Settlements: An Empirical Perspective on Non-Prosecution, Deferred Prosecution, and Plea Agreements" Jointly sponsored by CLASS and SCELS Workshops

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