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Ehrenreich Prize for Healthcare Ethics Research
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Abstracts submitted to the 15th World Congress of Bioethics are eligible for the 2020 Mark S. Ehrenreich Prizes in Healthcare Ethics Research

The Pacific Center for Health Policy and Ethics at the University of Southern California, in conjunction with the International Association of Bioethics, will consider all abstracts submitted for a presentation at the 15th World Congress of Bioethics, which is being held at the University of Pennsylvania on 19-21 June 2020, for the 2020 Mark S. Ehrenreich Prizes in Healthcare Ethics Research, subject to the following conditions:

  • Each person may have only one abstract under consideration for an Ehrenreich Prize. A single paper may, however, have more than one author.

  • The principal author must hold a relevant doctoral or professional degree (PhD, MD, JD, DrPH, MHP, MPA, MBA, or an MS or MA in Nursing or Genetic Counseling).

  • To be considered, abstracts must have been submitted on the World Congress site by 4 November 2019.

  • Abstracts (500 words maximum) should describe the issue, methods, and conclusions of a completed but not yet published research paper in the broad field of healthcare ethics (which includes the ethical issues arising in clinical care, public health, health policy, and practice in the health professions and in all aspects of biomedical research).

  • Abstracts (and papers) must be written in English. To encourage submission of papers from all regions, the judges will make allowance for scholars whose native language is not English.

  • Finalists, who will be notified by 20 December 2019, will be invited to provide a copy of their full paper for review. Papers must reach the Pacific Center by 13 January 2020 to be considered for a prize. Papers will be considered by region (Africa; Asia; Europe; North America; South America; Oceania) and final selections will be made by 28 February 2020. Five winners will receive US$500 regional Ehrenreich Prizes and one (from the remaining region) will receive the global Ehrenreich Prize of US$1500.

  • To be eligible to receive a prize, at least one author of the paper must be registered for, and scheduled to present the paper at, the 15th World Congress.

The Ehrenreich Prizes will be presented during the course of the 15th World Congress in Philadelphia, 19-21 June 2020.

2016 Mark S. Ehrenreich Prize Winners and Finalists


Diego Silva, "Risk, Benefit, and the Ethics of New TB Drugs"


Matthew Hunt, "The Complex Relational Ethics of Teamwork in Humanitarian Medical Aid Projects"


Sarah Boers, "The Ethics of Organoid Technology: perspectives of patients with Cystic Fibrosis"

Karin Jongsma, "Empirical-Ethical Reflection on Collective Representation of Autism and Dementia Patients and Their Representatives"

Jeffrey Kirby, "'In the Public Interest': Dovetailing Two Individual End-of-Life Choices"

Silke Schicktanz "'Participatory ethics': The Relevance of Epistemic Justice for Applied Bioethics"

2014 Mark S. Ehrenreich Prize Winners and Finalists


Bridget Pratt & Adnan Hyder, "Global Justice and Health Systems Research in Low and Middle-Income Countries."


Jorge Alberto Alvarez-Diaz, "Embryo Donation among Latin Americans Who Have Undergone Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART): The First Empirical Approach."


Rosemarie Bernabe, G.J.M.V. Van Thiel & J.J.M. Van Delden, "The Ethical Yardstick of Pharmaceutical Regulation: Which ICH-GCP Articles May Also be Ethically Relevant as Well."

Barna Ganguly, "Newer Practice of Informed Consent Process in India."

2012 Mark S. Ehrenreich Prize Winners and Finalists


Muirann Quigley, "Nudging for Health: the Ethics of Choice Construction" (published in Medical Law Review (2013) 21: 588-621).


Annette Rid, "Setting Thresholds of Acceptable Research Risk: Lessons from the Debate about Minimal Risk."


Franziska Krause, "Surrogacy and the Limits of Reproductive Autonomy."

Seema Shah, "Does Research with Children Violate the Best Interests Standard? An Empirical and Conceptual Analysis" (published in Nw. J. L. & Soc. Policy. 2013, 8:121,

Yvette van der Eijk, "The Combined Model of Substance Abuse as an Ethical Alternative to the Medical and Moral Choice Models of Addiction."

Deborah Zion, "On Secrets and Lies: Dangerous Information, Stigma and Asylum Seeker Research" (published in Karen Block, Elisha Riggs and Nick Haslam, eds., Values and Vulnerabilities: The Ethics of Research with Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Australian Academic Press, 2013).

2010 Mark S. Ehrenreich Prize Winners and Finalists


Neema Sofaer & Nir Eyal, "The Diverse Ethics of Translational Research" (published in The American Journal of Bioethics, Vol. 10, Issue 8: pp. 19—30, Aug. 2010)


Avram Denburg, "Global Child Health Ethics: Testing the Limits"


Drew Carter, "Should Governments Fund Assisted Reproductive Services? Who Should they Fund and How?"

Amitabh Dutta, Jayashree Sood & Nandini K. Kuman, "Evaluation of Ethical Requirements Resource Variability in Bio-scientific Research Submissions: Uniform or Universal?"

Teguh Haryo Sasongko, Abd Razak Salmi, Bin Alwi Zilafil, Mohammed Ali Albar, Zabidi AMH & Zabidi-Hussin, "Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis in Muslim Communities: A Model Approach in the Case of Type 1 Spinal Muscular Atrophy"

Muesser Senses, "Attitudes of Turkish Physicians and Nurses towards End-of-Life Decisions in Neonatal Intensive Care Units: The Quality of Life or the Value of Life?"

Deborah Zion, Linda Briskman & Bebe Loff, "Psychiatric Ethics and a Politics of Compassion. The Case of Detained Asylum Seekers in Australia"

2008 Mark S. Ehrenreich Prize Winners and Finalists


Basanth Kumar, "Truth-Telling in Cases of Cancer: Attitudes of Future Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Social Workers and Theologians in India"


Rieke van der Graaf & Johannes van Delden, "On Using People Merely as a Means in Clinical Research" (published in Bioethics, no. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-8519.2010.01820.x)


Susan Bull, "Tailoring Consent Processes to Context in Developing Countries: The Value of Rapid Ethnographic Assessment"

Anna E. Westra et al., "Assessing Pediatric Research without Direct Benefit: An Analysis of the Decisions of the Dutch Central Committee"

James G.Wilson & David Hunter, "Research Exceptionalism"

Yen-Yuan Chen & Stuart Youngner, "Influence of Two Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders on the Medical Care Provided to Patients in a Medical Intensive Care Unit"

Giuliana Fuscaldo, "Enhancing Cross-Cultural Understanding of Ethical Issues in Medical Education"

2006 Mark S. Ehrenreich Prize Winners and Finalists


John Coggon, "Varied and principled understandings of autonomy in english law: Justifiable Inconsistency Or Blinkered Moralism?" (published in Health Care Anal. (2007) 15:3, 235-255)

Runner Up

Mira Johri, Ph.D., MPH, "Sharing the benefits of medical innovation: Ensuring fair access to essential medicines"


Anneliese Dorr & M. Elena Gorostegui, "Autonomy and Euthanasia: The Importance of the Cultural Context"

Alex John London, PhD, "Responsiveness to Host Community Health Needs"

2004 Mark S. Ehrenreich Prize Winners and Finalists


Richard J. Hull, "Cheap Listening? - Reflections on the Concept of Wrongful Disability." (published in Bioethics, Vol. 20, No. 2, pp. 55-63, April 2006)

Runner Up

Jan Deckers, "UK Legislation on Embryo Research, Justified or Not?"


Ainsley Newson, "Should Parental Refusals of Newborn Screening be Respected? An Ethico-Legal Analysis"

Michael J. Selgelid, "On Ethics and Drug Resistance"

2002 Mark S. Ehrenreich Prize Winners and Finalists


Susan Dorr Goold, Stephen A Green, Andrea K. Biddle, Ellen Benavides & Marion Danis, "Will Insured Minnesotans Give Up Benefit Coverage to Include the Uninsured?" (published in Journal of General Internal Medicine, Vol. 19, No. 8, pp. 868-874, 2004).


Kathryn L. Weise, Martin L. Smith, Karen J. Maschke & Liesel Copeland, "National Practices Regarding Payment to Research Subjects for Participating in Pediatric Research."

Alex J. London, Joseph B. Kadane, "Placebos that Harm: Sham Surgery Controls in Clinical Trials."

Jerry Menikoff, "The Myth and Reality of Informed Consent to Research."

The Pacific Center thanks all those contestants who took part in the Ehrenreich Prize competition and especially congratulates the finalists and winners for their outstanding work.


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