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Master of Studies in Law (MSL) Degree - Online

If you are considering a Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree, you may be wondering:

  • How will this legal master’s degree help my career?
  • What jobs can I obtain with a legal studies degree?
  • What is the best way to get most of my time at USC Gould School of Law?

Can the MSL Degree Open New Career Opportunities?

In many fields, the demand for legal skills in non-practicing legal roles is on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for professionals with MSL and similar degrees in law for non-lawyer positions is expected to grow by 15% through 2026.

Having familiarity with our legal system and applicable laws can help you:

  • Increase your competitiveness as a job applicant by holding a master's degree in legal studies
  • Add value to your current role through greater understanding of how the law intersects with your responsibilities
  • Enhance your resume by developing a specialization in compliance, business law, entertainment law and more

Possible Career Pathways

Considering the law intersects with every industry in one way or another, it is very likely there is some aspect of your current role that could be enhanced with a MSL degree. Here are some common titles for in-demand jobs:

  • Compliance officerA graphic showing the diverse array of career opportunities one can pursue with a legal master's degree.
  • IT technician
  • Human resources representative
  • HR consultants/consulting
  • Employee relations
  • Business manager
  • Managing director
  • Contracts and grants officer
  • Management consultant
  • Insurance representative
  • Accountant
  • Government official
  • Tax/payroll manager
  • Courtroom clerk
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Paralegal
  • Media executive
  • Healthcare practitioner
  • Legal assistant
  • Talent management


Note: these job titles are not a comprehensive list of all jobs that could benefit from a MSL degree.

Pivoting Your Career

Our MSL degree not only expands your career horizons but may also facilitate a transition into the legal aspects of your chosen field. For example, healthcare professionals can delve into health care compliance and regulatory matters, while business practitioners can pursue our business law certificate. Likewise, individuals in the tech sector can explore intellectual property law through our tailored courses.

The MSL coursework will better equip you to:

  • Review and interpret agreements and contracts
  • Navigate the regulatory framework in various industries 
  • Collaborate effectively with legal professionals and compliance officers

Is the MSL Degree Right for You?

In determining whether the MSL degree aligns with your career goals, start by defining your career objectives. Understanding these aspirations will help you gauge how our legal studies courses can contribute to your success and whether the degree has the potential to open new opportunities for you. Please note that no graduate degree can guarantee a successful career, and the JD (rather than the MSL) degree would be advisable for those seeking to practice law.

Additionally, obtaining a degree from a prestigious institution like USC can create new opportunities within your profession. Many of our students are able to expand their professional networks simply because they are a member of the Trojan Family, our strong and expansive alumni community.

Ultimately, this degree offers various avenues for redefining or advancing your career, and the specific benefits will depend on your own, unique path. Speak with one of our advisors today to discuss whether the Online Master of Studies in Law aligns with your career goals.

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