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Curriculum - Master of Laws (LLM) - Online
USC Gould School of Law

Earning the Online LLM degree requires successful completion of 21 credit units, including two required courses:

Introduction to the U.S. Legal System, 2 units

Legal Research, 1 unit

Your remaining 18 credits will be chosen from electives including:

U.S. Law

Constitutional Law, 3 units

Legal Profession, 2 units

Topics in American Law, 3 units

Introduction to Litigation in U.S. Courts, 2 units

Business Law

Business Principles in Law, 2 units

Business Organizations, 4 units

Contract Drafting and Strategy, 2 units

Mergers and Acquisitions, 3 units

Securities Regulation, 3 units


Regulatory Compliance, 2 units

Entertainment Law and Industry

Dealmaking in the Entertainment Industry, 2 units

Entertainment Law and Industry, 2 units

Digital Media Transactions, 2 units

Intellectual Property: Copyright, 2 units

Intellectual Property: Trademark, 2 units

Music Law in Practice, 2 units

Negotiation Skills, 2 units

Financial Compliance

Corporate Governance, 2 units

Financial Institution Regulation, 2 units

Global Regulatory Compliance, 2 units

Health Care Compliance

Health Care Compliance, 2 units

Health Care Law, Business and Finance, 2 units

Health Law and Policy, 2 units

Patient Privacy Law, 2 units

Human Resources Law and Compliance

Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Compliance, 2 units

Employment Discrimination Law, 2 units

Employment Dispute Mediation, 2 units

Human Resource Compliance, 2 units

Privacy Law and Cybersecurity

Cyber Security & Cyber Crimes, 2 units

Information Management & Risk, 2 units

Information Privacy Law, 2 units

Bar and Certificate Courses

Concentrate your studies by completing coursework to sit for the California Bar exam, or select coursework to earn a graduate certificate. Learn about our bar and certificate tracks.

Note: Courses used toward a degree or a certificate completed at another university may not be applied toward a master's degree at USC. If courses were not used toward a completed degree or a certificate, a maximum of five credits may be transferred to our Online LLM degree.