Diversity, strength mark 2021-22 G&IP class

Greg Hardesty • January 7, 2022
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New Master of International Trade Law and Economics cohort included in new class
Students in the newest class in the USC Gould School of Law’s Graduate and International Programs (G&IP) are enrolled in one of eight degree programs and hail from 36 countries.
Students in this year’s Graduate and International Programs class hail from 36 countries.

The 2021-22 class includes the first cohort of the new Master of International Trade Law and Economics (MITLE), a joint degree with USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Department of Economics.

“MITLE, the newest joint degree offered at USC Gould, is designed for students who want to focus on the global legal and regulatory issues as well as enhance their understanding of core economic principles that are related to international trade,” says Sarah Gruzas, director of G&IP and adjunct assistant professor of law.
“The pairing with economics training is unique. I’m not aware of any other degree like this.”
Gruzas is impressed by the strength and diversity of the overall 2021-22 G&IP class.
“USC Gould thrives on the diversity of our students,” she says. “Many of our G&IP students are already successful attorneys, judges and corporate counsel in their home countries. We are fortunate to host these students from around the world who enhance the class discussion with their varied cultural and professional backgrounds.”
The one-year, 32-unit MITLE program is full time and on campus. It’s the latest academic program at USC Gould designed to allow students to focus on a specific area of law, with the added value of understanding economic modeling and impact.
The MITLE degree was established in response to the evolving global business landscape to provide an interdisciplinary, global perspective to navigate the legal, policy and business parameters that shape today’s international trade and economics.
“Trade law and economics go hand in hand,” Gruzas says.
The MITLE curriculum was championed by Brian Peck, executive director of the Center for Transnational Law and Business and adjunct assistant professor of law at USC Gould. Alongside Gruzas, the Gould and Dornsife teams believe the MITLE program will grow along with the needs of the global marketplace.
“This is a really interesting degree because it gives students an extra foundation on which to build,” Gruzas says. “A legal education is helpful whether or not you decide to practice law. Students learn a lot of analytical and critical thinking skills. We envision our MITLE students going to work as leaders in global corporations or working for governments around the world, where higher-level critical thinking is going to be crucial for them to succeed.”
“For our MITLE students to interact with U.S. JDs as well as international lawyers, and to be able to bring their perspective and economic focus to class, really creates a unique experience for them.”

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