USC Gould, Dornsife Department of Economics launch joint degree in innovation economics, law and regulation

USC Gould School of Law • May 2, 2023
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Responding to market demand for specialized skills in economics and regulation, the University of Southern California Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Department of Economics and the USC Gould School of Law will launch a joint degree program, the Master of Science in Innovation Economics, Law and Regulation (MIELR), in Fall 2023.

The MIELR program will equip graduates with the essential skills required to address the complexities of big data, artificial intelligence innovation and machine learning — through the lens of antitrust, privacy, data security and IP laws. The new program is another example of interdisciplinary innovation that is a signature of USC’s scholarship and research.

Students in this distinctive program will gain comprehensive knowledge of the economic and regulatory complexities of digital service industries and innovation-driven workplaces that include tech and biotech. The degree is ideal for students with an interest in law looking to study economic theory and data analysis or for students with a background in economics or STEM looking to study relevant laws and economics that govern innovation.

Professor Romain Ranciere, USC Dornsife Department of Economics Chair, explains the MIELR program’s value and goals: “Amid novel economic and regulatory issues in industries facing disruption by artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies, USC is uniquely positioned to offer a modern and innovative program that offers world-class training in law and economics. Drawing from the combined expertise of faculty in the USC Dornsife Department of Economics and the USC Gould School of Law in the economics of regulation as well as in antitrust, intellectual property, and data security, the MIELR program will equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to address these challenges.”

“We have found that employers place considerable value on talent with interdisciplinary skills in economics and the regulation of markets that include analytical and written skills,” says Professor D. Daniel Sokol of the USC Gould School of Law. “The MIELR degree will train economists and consultants to interface with lawyers, training students to understand the substantial overlap between law and microeconomics, particularly in the fields of antitrust, privacy, data security and intellectual property law.”

The on-campus Master of Science in Innovation Economics, Law and Regulation degree may be earned in two to four semesters for a total of 32 units, including mandatory courses in law and economics alongside electives that address specific areas of interest. Students in the MIELR program will also benefit from academic advising, professional development and networking opportunities available from the University of Southern California.

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